Improve your aerial shots with the new AirMagic software for editing drone photography

Skylum Software, the company behind editing software Aurora HDR and Luminar 3, has announced a new piece of software called AirMagic, which is designed to be "the first software dedicated to drone photography." The best part is, it does it all automatically. Once you've got your license and downloaded the software, all you'll have to do is drag your drone photos to the software and let its algorithms do the rest. It can enhance your photos by removing haziness, editing sky, and improving details you couldn't see before. It even detects what drone you used and its camera so it knows exactly what to do with each photo. The software can detect the lens and color profiles and adjust accordingly.

The technology behind the software includes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. You'll see deeper, richer colors and clearer details. It can even analyze the different parts of the image and make appropriate changes without needing anything from you. Because the app is so simple to use, and all you have to do is drag and drop your files into it, it even has support for RAW files and the ability to handle multiple files at once.

AirMagic's software works best with drones by Yuneec, DJI, and Parrot. While others will surely work just as well, those are the three mentioned specifically. Luckily, the drones from those brands are some of the best.

You can access AirMagic in a number of ways, including a standalone app for iOS or as a plugin for other programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or as an Apple Photos Extension.

You can pre-order AirMagic for $39. That price includes two licenses for either Mac or PC. It also comes with some exclusive bonuses including a Drone photography Guide eBook by Skylum, a "Shoot Professional Photos with any Drone" video course, an AirMagic Premium Style and a $40 discount on the purchase of a Lime Cube Lighting Kit for your drone. These exclusives expire on March 20, and the software becomes available March 21.

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John Levite

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