The Incipio DRX case for iPhone 4 is, in my opinion, one of Incipio's best cases to date -- and they've made some very good cases. Everything from the way it feels in your hand to how it adds virtually no bulk to your iPhone makes it a great investment. It also offers decent protection as well.

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The first thing you always notice when putting on a new case is how it feels in your hand. This case feels great. The material is slick but not slick enough that your phone is going to go flying out of your hand. It's also extremely easy to put on and take off. I've had it on for a little over a week and it doesn't seem to stretch out or lose its shape either.

Your buttons are all covered which means no dirt or dust can get in there. Covered buttons normally mean they are harder to press. That's not the case with the DRX. The buttons are just as easy to push as they are when there is no case on the device. The case also produces a click feedback when pushing the buttons, which is nice.

The case comes all the way around and over the top of the antenna band which means you can set your phone face down for privacy and not have to worry about whether or not your iPhone screen is going to get scratched. The dock connector, headphone jack, and vibrate switch are easily accessible as well. I haven't had any issues with any chargers, official or third party. They all fit perfectly. So do my Bose headphones.

The DRX provides a pretty substantial level of protection as well. It'll protect you from moderate drops. If you plan on throwing your iPhone into a wall, I can't promise any case would protect it except an Otterbox. Overall, if you are somewhat careful with your iPhone and just want a case that'll protect you from moderate accidental drops, this case is perfect. You can find the Incipio DRX case in the TiPb accessory store. If you use this case or something else, let us know in the comments!


  • Easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Slim design means no added bulk
  • The material is somewhat slick, slide it in your pocket and pull it back out just as easily (sans all that pocket lint!)
  • Easy to take on and off without the case losing its shape over time
  • The case curves around the screen edge, so setting your iPhone face down is a non-issue


  • Not meant for heavy duty protection. Moderate, yes. But don't throw your iPhone into a wall and expect it to come out unscathed
  • Dust can sometimes accumulate around the edges of the screen by the corners of the case

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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