The inexpensive, non-Retina, iPad air

While a lot is suspected about the new, smaller iPad Apple is likely to debut on October 23, questions remain about just how low Apple's willing to push the price, what kind display density device size and price constraints will allow, and what exactly Apple will call it. John Gruber from Daring Fireball has drilled deeply into those three items in particular.

You know what other Apple product’s primary attributes are thinness, weight, and price? The MacBook Air. And, no coincidence, the latest revisions to the Air lineup debuted on stage at WWDC without retina displays. We’re a couple of years away from Apple going retina across the board.

I posted my iPad mini preview (redux) yesterday, but for me, right now, Gruber's take on the name is the most interesting. Go read the whole thing.

Source: Daring Fireball

Rene Ritchie

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