Some international iPads arriving early, hundreds of thousands of US iPads already there

Several readers hit us up saying their iPads were already arriving, ahead of Apple's May 28 international release date (at least phase one of it, phase two is slated for July). Given the spread of 9 countries, its probably harder for Apple to keep their iron grip on delivery dates and still make sure customers get them when they're supposed to.

If your iPad did indeed arrive early, drop us a note in the comments and let us know where and when.

Google acquired mobile advertiser AdMob, meanwhile, says it's seeing up to 25% of existing US iPads -- the million+ Apple sold in the first month -- hitting their network from outside the US.

Does this mean Americans bought less than we thought, and international early adapters have already sated some of their fill, or that -- given the ongoing supply constraints -- that Apple is just going to sell as many as they can make in all the countries they can get them to?

We'll start finding out tomorrow as Apple Stores open early so those who didn't pre-order can try their luck in line, like Chris and friends in Australia (picture after the break).


Rene Ritchie

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