A look inside iPhone and iPad case maker OtterBox

Giveaway: Watch the video then leave a comment letting us know which of the Otterbox cases you'd love to win!

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the OtterBox headquarters in Fort Collins, CO and talk with Jordan about the history of the OtterBox name, the design and testing process, and get a closer look and description for each case series for the iPhone and iPad.

In addition to the interview, Jordan also passed on one of each case series to give away to our readers! Specifically, we have the following:

  • Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series
  • Victory Commuter Series
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series
  • Black Impact Series

For a chance to win, just let us know which of these cases you would like to win in the comments below!

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • i want a black impact series !!! thank you !!
  • I would like the Gunmetal Reflex!
  • I would take any of those cases, even the pink one! lol. Considering my iPhone was stolen and of course my otter box went with it :/
  • oh, I almost got the reflex the other day. I would love that one.
  • I'd love to win the Defender case for my GSM iPhone 4, as it would give me some great protection from shock/drops while I hike in the great outdoors! :)
  • I can vouch for the Defender; I once fell while hiking and used it to break my fall (had just taken some photos and had it in my hand, and fell on it onto some rocks). Neither the case nor my iPhone 4 were harmed. Best case I've ever had, and well worth every penny. Just remember that it doesn't protect from water or other liquids, as it's not waterproof. It does do a decent job of keeping sand and fine dust out, tho I wouldn't recommend dropping it in the sand either. It also bears mentioning that you will not be able to use the Defender case with most iPhone docks, as the added bulk of the case makes it too big to fit into the dock. But the protection it provides is worth it.
  • I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Gunmetal Gret Defender!
  • Commuter series in black
  • I would love a black otter box for the iphone
  • Black Impact Series for the win!
  • Otterbox cases are great, sometimes they can be a little bulky but if you are looking for protection your going to have to struggle to find a better option. Personally I would be interested in the Commuter and Reflex cases since they are a little less bulky, and being a programmer my phone sits safely on my desk most of the time.
  • I would love to have the gunmetal grey defender series that would just be awesome thanks
  • I would love to win the defender
  • I would take any case as I really need one for my new 4S. But if I have to choose, I would like the Commuter series case
  • I'd love the defender!
  • Either the gunmetal reflex or the green/gunmeal defender. I do a lot outddors and either would be perfect protection for my iPhone 4.
  • I would like the Defender Series case, because I'm ginger so my phone needs protected when I run away from the angry
    Mob. Pitchforks and all!
  • Hoping to win the Gunmetal Reflex Series in black :)
  • I would love to win the Defender case.
  • Ummm black impact please!
  • I'd love the defender case :)
  • Black impact for my iPhone 4. I am an android switcher and would love a new case for my new iPhone! : )
  • thanks for the awesome review! I would love a Green Defender Series!
  • Ive seen the Defender series and believe they are the best protection around.
  • Gunmetal reflex series please!!!!
  • Defender as its the most rugged ever !!!
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series for me, please!!
  • Please sign me up for the Gunmetal Reflex Series. I have had some of the other cases previously and they are too big but I would still like to have that type of protection.
  • Definitly the Gunmetal Reflex Series!!!! Really Nice!
  • Defender!
    Cool company and nice products too.
  • I'd take any, but I like the Gunmetal Reflex Series
  • I go ahead a take that Defender series case off your hands....
  • I would like the Reflex Series any color but grey. Already have it.
  • I want the GunMetal Grey Defender! It's the Egg McMuffin of phone cases!!
  • Will like to win the gray & black reflex series, great vid.
  • I would like the Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series. My wife has this case in black, and simply loves it.
  • I would really enjoy the Gunmetal Reflex series
  • Great piece on Otterbox. I've been eyeing the Commuter case...I've been an iSkin user for 3 years, but it's time to branch out me thinks!
    Thanks Leanna!
  • I've been interested in the Gunmetal Reflex case for a while, just haven't jumped yet. Would love to win it!
  • The Reflex would be a perfect fit for me!
  • I would personally like the black impact series...
  • I do not need one, but had to commet. I have a defender series. I work outdoors, and dropped the iPhone 4s on the sidewalk. No damage. Yes they are bulky, and not as slim as other cases, but by far an excellent case. The screen protector is built into the case, and never had a problem with the phone not responding. Good luck to all that enter. Oh yea, seems like the port covers have improved from earlier models.
  • I would love to win the reflex!! :)
  • That gunmetal defender would look awesome on my duty belt!
  • I would love an olive drab reflex case for my 4s. It look awesome and reminds me of our military.
  • Any of them would be nice. First choice is black impact.
  • They are all awesome but the reflex just pops in those colors.
  • I would love a Reflex!
  • I'd love the green defender. Thanks!
  • The gray and black Reflex looks great!
  • I have had every one of otterboxs series in the past for other phones. I have never had one of there new reflex series and I would absolutely love to win it for my iPhone 4. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win one of these amazing cases
  • I'd love the gunmetal Defender!
  • I'd love to win the Commuter!
  • Id love the reflex case. I already have a defender case and love it! Otterbox is great!
  • I would love the green Defender!
  • I'd use the black impact series.
    Thanks iMore and Otterbox.
  • I would love the Commuter or Reflex for my iPhone 4s! Thanks
  • Please delete, spell check put the wrong email address. Thanks
  • I would love the Commuter or Reflex for my iPhone 4s! Thanks
  • Black impact series (IP4 GSM)
  • the gunmetal reflex series would be awesome.
  • I think I would really like the commuter series. But the reflex would be a good choice too.
  • Just ordered a iPhone today so that Defender would be awesome to have.
  • The defender case would be awesome!
  • The green defender would be a great free gift!!!
  • Cant go bad with a Black reflex. Thanks
    Love the baby having a blast in the background of the interview .. Haha
  • The Gunmetal Reflex series
  • Gunmetal reflex please!
  • Id live to win the Defender case. I am very active biking hiking fishing etc and I fear Apple's 'generosity' with helping me out may not live to see another broken iPhone!!
  • The Black impact series case would be cool.
  • Defender Series for me please
  • Reflex all the way!! Need it for my 4s when I upgrade in Feb!!
  • I love otterbox. Great products. I have also had to deal with their support before about an older nano case we had that had some trouble. Support was easy to deal with and offered to replace the case. Made me a fan for sure.
    I am thinking of getting one of those reflex cases, winning one would be great ;)
  • I would like the relfex. Then my white ipad2 and white 4s will match up case and all.
  • The black impact series.
  • Reflex for me!
  • I've been on the waiting list for 4 weeks for a GunMetal Reflex case! I dropped my LifeProof case once and it broke and I have wanted to switch to Otterbox. Oh please pick me, then I could get off this awful waiting list. Thanks!
  • I would love to get the reflex gunmetal. Please guys....
  • Id live to win the Defender case. I am very active biking hiking fishing etc and I fear Apple’s ‘generosity’ with helping me out may not live to see another broken iPhone!!
  • I'd like the Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series!
  • Definitely the Otterbox Defender to give me added protection for my clumsy self.
  • The Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series. I need the protection lol.
  • Gunmetal reflex series please!!!!! Been looking to get an Otterbox case. Will wait to see if I win or not before I make a purchase. But Leanna--that lil girl of yours is too cute!! lol. I mostly heard her in the background having so much fun. Adorable...then saw her running around in the back. bahaha. Cute. I just had to say that---not to 'win my chance', but thought it'd be nice to let u know. Thanks for these giveaways, iMore!!
  • I'd like the reflex series. Thanks!
  • Gunmetal Reflex all the way!
  • Hit me with the reflex in gunmetal!
  • Id be game for the Gunmetal Reflex! Thanks for the post and vid!
  • I would absolutely love the Reflex case! My 4s could use a new suit.
  • I like to have the Reflex case.
  • Impact please!
  • Id love the gunmetal reflex
  • I would love to represent Breast Cancer Awareness with the Victory Commuter Series!
  • I'd love the Gunmetal Reflex. :)
  • Oh mr gosh! I would love the Envy Green Defender. Thanks for asking.
  • I would like the Defender.
  • a gunmetal grey defender would brighten up my life
  • I would LOVE the defender series...had one but it doesn't fit my new iPhone 4S!
  • I'd love the Gunmetal Reflex! It's the case I've decided to get based on the awesome reviews...Thanks!
  • Reflex looks up my alley...but I'd take any of them!
  • Commuter is awesome, but I'm dying to try the reflex, I would love to win one of them!
  • Reflex please! Impact would work too. ;)
  • reflex series please!!!
  • Oh, I like the pink reflex series. Easy to slide on and off, a color I don't have.
  • I would love the defender in the green and grey. It would really bring me up to date since I'm still using a wore out iPhone 4 defender case on my iPhone 4S. This case is a must have in my construction profession. Thank you.
  • Inwoukd love the green defender series case. Working with preschoolers is tough on my phone.
  • OOhhh a Defender. I really would love a Defender!
  • Anyone would be great.I work outside.Enough said!!!
  • I need the Defender for my iphone ive dropped it several times.. I wanna be a winner.. Thank you!
  • Reflex! :)
  • Commuter, please!!!
  • I'll take any though!!
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series please :D
  • Black impact for me!!!!! :-)
  • I'd love the reflex. Too much bulk on the others for my use.... Thanks iMore.
  • Would love to win the grey/green defender series for my VZW iPhone 4.
  • Would love to win the gunmetal reflex series for my 4S. Have been rocking naked iPhones since the 3G era, but stare at these cases longer and longer whenever I'm out and about.
  • The Defender case please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.
  • Hello peeps at iMore, and Leanna!!
    Great video and awesome product! I would like the Reflex Series please. Also, Lila did a guest appearance and I know she was giving her two cents of what OtterBox means to her.
    Keep up the great job!!
  • Gun Metal Defenderwill be nice
  • 1) Gunmetal
    2) less awkward nerdy guy
  • Gunmetal Reflex please :)
  • The Commuter Series has always been my favorite.
  • The defender series will do nicely. Give me one and it will be cherished forever.
  • http://tinyurl.com/Otterbox-Pick-ME
    I really need the Defender iPad2... as I already dropped it once!
  • I've heard great things about the otter box!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! I have both an iPhone and iPad! Thanks for the info
  • Nice! Commuter or Reflex would be rad, esp a Teal/Navy!
  • As much as I love gunmetal, the Commuter has always been my favorite Otterbox.
  • The Gunmetal Grey Defender would be awesome!
  • Good interview and answered a lot of my questions about the reflex case. So with that said I would like a shot to win the reflex case!
  • I'd love to put the Gunmetal Reflex Series on my iPhone 4!
  • I would go for the Reflex. I have a Defender on my iphone, but would like something a bit thinner to fit in jeans pocket.
  • Preferably a Otterbox Defender would suit my new iPhone!
    But, hey! Any type of case would be wonderful from my most-used bookmarked website!
  • just got my first iphone the 4s and need a case would like the defender in black & gray
  • Defender series Please! Thank You!
  • I would love one for my iPad2 I'm terrified to use it without a case and a otterbox sounds like the safety blanket I'm looking for!
  • The Otterbox Defender (Gun Metal) looks incredible! Wow, and look! TiPb is giving it away. How much more does life have to offer?!
  • Gunmetal grey defender is my choice
  • Defender series for me plz
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series
  • The Reflex Series looks pretty amazing!
  • Gunmetal reflex case!
  • Gunmetal reflex series
  • I would love the commuter.
  • Would love to have the impact series to protect the phone of the occasional oops that can happen.
  • The commuter!
  • Commuter Case for me!
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series Please!!!
  • I'd love an iPhone 4S Commuter Case!
  • I'd take any of them for my currently naked iPhone 4s. Commuter or defender in any color would be my preference!
  • OMG PLEASE PLEASE pull name I would LOVE to have the Otterbox Defender. Please pull my name.
  • Black Impact Series
  • Black reflex, please!
  • I would love to win the Grey and Black Reflex for myself but wouldn't mine the Pink and White Commuterfor my wife. It would make a great Valentines Day gift too :D
  • Would love a Black Impact series!
  • Hey Leanne!
    Great interview, it was nice seeing all of the cases in action. It was also great hearing about OtterBox as a company.
    The grey case would look great on my 4S.
  • I would take any! But particularly like the reflex and commuter cases!
  • Gunmetal Reflex would be great for my first iPhone, considering all the great things I have heard about Otterbox.
  • I want green/gun metal commuter series please!
  • Must. Have. Reflex. Case.
  • I'd like the Defender series case please.
  • One Defender please, thanks.
  • Gunmetal reflex Please!
  • I would love the gray reflex series, thank you
  • I need a black reflex! Please help me keep my girlfriend from dropping my phone!
  • Ive always thought of Otterbox as a stellar product line. from my iPhone 3, to 3gs, and mi 4g, ive been loyal to the Otterbox family. Most recently I purchased a Black and white Defender, a replacement that is. it seems something hasvchanged with the rubber design. After a month of use, the rubber was so 'stretched' it would hardly stay on the plastic. i hate that ive had to jump to a griffin Protector, i hate the design. The new defender looks great! i would love to try it and have my faith restored in something ive loved for years!
  • I would love The Reflex because every time I used it I would hear that Duran Duran song.
  • Gray and Black Reflex series please!
  • Black impact series please. Otterbox rocks!
  • I would love a gunmetal black reflex please
  • Gunmetal Reflex sounds good for me!
  • i would love to win reflex gunmetal please!!
  • Commuter will be awesome! Thank you
  • I would love the gunmetal gray reflex case from Otter Box thanks.
  • I would love the defender series for my iPhone4s!
    Either way, love the video. Was curious about Otterbox. Seems every iPhone on Long Island, NY has a defender case. Would love one when I am out on the soccer field with my boys.
  • The Commuter would be cool!
  • Id like to enter for the Gunmetal Grey Defender. As a paramedic, I am really tough on my iPhone 4s! Thanks for the offer!
  • Black impact please.
  • I loved learning about the Otterbox because I had heard a lot of good comments about it. I would like to win the Defender.
  • Reflex yeah
  • Gunmetal Grey very nice
  • Since Leanna's choice of case is the reflex (per her favorite accessory article) I will have to go with the gunmetal reflex...please, please. Thank you.
  • I'll take the Victory Commuter please and thank you :) for the iPhone 4s
  • I would love the Gunmetal Reflex! I wore out my defender series while working at work in the kitchen. I would love the reflex as a replacement before its too late, Thanks!
  • defender series!! my wife has one and I'm kinda jealous :(
  • Just got my first iPhone last week! I can haz commuter?
  • I want the gunmetal reflex series
  • Victory- commuter series! Please and Thank you :)
  • Defender, I am always dropping my iPhone.
  • Gunmetal Reflex would be awesome!!!
  • I'd love one of the Gunmetal Reflex Series cases. I don't want a super bulky case for my 4S but some protection would be great. :)
  • I would love the reflex series for my iPad 2. I always wanted a nice case for my iPad. Good luck!
  • Reflex FTW!!
  • i would love to win the Commuter Series. second choice would be the Gunmetal Reflex Series! those are both pretty nice!
  • Victory Commuter Series in Black.
  • Reflex!
  • Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series
  • I would love to see how awesome the Defender is!!!!
  • I would like the gunmetal reflex
  • How about a Gunmetal Reflex for me?
  • Need the iPad case as will be using it in outdoor harsh environment. Dust, sun, etc.
  • Defender cases rock! Love the grey/green!
  • I like the reflex series.
  • The Otterbox Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series would be a great case for my new iPhone 4S! I didn't think the color combination worked but the video allayed those doubts. I hope you guys pick me!
  • I like the toddler that zoomed past in the back @7:34. I want the green defender series! Hopefully I win it, if not then I think I may just go buy it!
  • I like/need the Gunmetal Reflex Series please. Thanks iMore!
  • I'd take the Gunmetal reflex series. Just think it looks the best!
  • I would like any of them except the pink one. I have apink Deffender for my 3GS and catch a lot of flack over that. My original bumper case for my 4 is cracking and on its last leg. Timing is good.
    Thank you,
  • I would like the defender in black for iPhone 3GS
  • I'd love to win the Defender for my 4S
  • Have you SEEN my iPhone lately? It deserves a Defender case.
  • Reflex case. Love the Otterbox!
  • GunMetal Reflex Series!!! Leanna your the Best!
  • Would love a defender series for the 4S. Being an EMT I use my iPhone for lots of different things and situations and would love to have the protection that the defender series offers.
  • I would like to have the Reflex to add to my Commuter Otterbox.
  • The gun metal defender please!!
  • I would like the Defender in Green/Grey! My wife has a Commuter in Purple and I need a great Ottrbox case! Please pick me!
  • I would adore the gun metal/envy green defender series. Extra protection with awesome colors.
  • I would love to win the gunmetal reflex series cases for the iPhone 4S. I just got a brand new iPhone 4s for Christmas while on leave from the Marine Corps. I could really use the extra protection that OtterBox cases provide. Thanks iMore
  • I could really use the DEFENDER SERIES, Im ruff on my iPhone and this would be great! Thanks
  • I'd love to win the Defender case!
  • just checking - i won right?
  • I like the Defender series. Had it on my BlackBerry before making the switch and it was a great case.
    BTW, loved seeing Dave chase the next generation of iMore reporters.
  • I'd LOVE to win the Defender!!!
    We love you Leanna!
  • i just got the iphone 4s and my att iphone 4 att defender doesn't fit it. i would like the Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series... thank you
  • I want a black impact series !!! MERCI
  • I would love the gunmetal reflex. Thanks!!
  • I like the green defender series one, thanks.
  • The pink one for my daughter. But any of them would be fine! Nicely done!
  • I would love to get the Gunmetal Reflex Series.
  • Otterbox makes great stuff! Sign me up for the Defender case.
  • Gunmetal Reflex pleasee!!
  • Defender case!!!
  • i would love a Reflex case for my iphone, i have it on my ipad and it rocks!!!!!
  • I agree with Digimelt, Gunmetal Reflex Please xD!!!!!!
  • Gunmetal gray defender series for ipad2 please!
  • Black Impact Series for me!
  • I would love the "Gunmetal Reflex Series"!
  • I would love the gray relex. Thanks
  • I'd go with a black reflex case, it's subtle and slim yet doesn't sacrifice protection
  • Gunmetal Reflex for me
  • Would love a gun metal reflex case :)
  • The Reflex Rocks!!
  • Commuter series please, though I'm not choosy when it comes to Otterbox :-)
  • Would love a gunmetal grey defender to protect my 4s :)
  • I would like the pink and white commuter series.
  • The gunmetal reflex please
  • I too would love a reflex case - looks like the clear favourite on here!
  • I would love the defender or commuter.
  • gunmetal grey/envy green
  • I want the Victory Commuter Series!!!
  • I enjoyed your interview and enjoyed learning about the many variaties that otterbox has, I WOULD LOVE THE DEFENDER SERIES, with two kids and a job that requires me to get in and out of the back of a truck all day, that case would give me great peace of mind. i will be like you to my facebook. thanks again
  • id love the Black Impact Series my wife bought one and she loves it.
  • Back in April 2011 purchased my 1st iPhone and decided on the Otter case, pricey but so worth it! Only color was black, and now they have Green :) great product, sturdy and reliable. I am a defender for the defender, i know corney but that's ok :)
  • The black Impact series please.
  • Gun metal grey defender if you don't mind.
  • i would love the black or white of the defender series!
  • iphone 4 :)
  • Gunmetal Grey / Envy Green Defender Series is really awesome and the one I like the most.
  • Reflex series, please!
  • The Gunmetal Reflex Series looks awesome! I'd love to be a tester! :-)
  • I want the reflex series in gunmetal
  • I would love the gunmetal reflex series
  • Would love to have reflex series :-)
  • Victory Commuter Series
  • The Gunmetal Reflex Series is the only one for this 23-year Navy vet
  • I would love to win the Defender Series Case in Black for my iPhone 4...Thank you :).
  • I would take any of the cases because I want to test to see if the problems I had with the proximity censor on my IPhone 4 has been fixed with the IPhone 4s and the Otterbox.
  • Gunmetal Reflex Series is the better, i don't want people see the apple, hahahaha
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