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Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial -- We Believe

2nd generation iPad
2nd generation iPad (Image credit: Apple)

Apple has released a new commercial for the iPad 2 called We Believe. In what feels like a sequel to the first iPad commercial, What is iPad?, it focuses on Apple's belief that "Technology Is Not Enough", and that you have to go beyond the technology (and specs!), to make the experience, more delightful (and dare we say it -- magical).

You can find the full advert after the break, and let us know what you think.

[Apple on YouTube]

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  • Just in time for that nice Magical article you wrote, Ritchie.
  • We talked about it last week on the podcast; I was made fun of. Feel a bit better now that Peter Coyote (I think that's him?) was paid to agree with me :)
  • Yes, that is Peter Coyote's voice. He may or may not agree with you, but he was paid to read a script.
  • Yeah, i understand. I know "Magical" is a cheesy word, but in reality, it's an only word that can really describe Apple and it's products!
    Very good job on your article and the confidence you put in it after that incident you had in the podcast. Very outstanding, indeed.
  • If Steve Jobs really believed in magic and/or superstition, he wouldn't be an intelligent, rational, free-thinking atheist. defines magical as "produced by or as if by magic" and "mysteriously enchanting".
    I think some are taking the magical word as if to mean being actual magic, which, of course, doesn't exist in reality. Magicians don't really perform magic.
    Rene's "Magical" article was spot on.
  • Not that this matters one whit in the "magic" conversation, but Jobs is a Buddhist. ( ). Of course, the same article also said he was skeptical of mainstream medicine, so perhaps his religious views changed as a transplant became more and more necessary.
  • Yes, he is a Buddhist, which is more of a philosophy based on the teachings of a real man. He doesn't believe in a deity, so it's highly likely he doesn't actually believe in magic or supernatural powers within the iPad. It would seem to me, he's using the word in the same way Lucky Charms uses "magically delicious". ;)
  • Point taken -- except Lucky Charms' deliciousness is sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic.
  • I'm kind of confused... why are Apple commercials considered newsworthy? Is This the iPhone fan-boy blog?
  • Yes, that is why it is an iOS blog.
  • There is a whole www out there. Go read something else if iP is not your cup of tea.
  • For the same reason CrackBerry, Android Central, and PreCentral post their respective commercials. How a company chooses to market their products is very telling.
    Also, we're not a news blog. We're an iPhone, iPad, etc blog which is far more than just news :)
  • Thie blog give you information that helps you with owning your iOS device. It also gives you tips and news to make good consumer decisions when buying a new piece if technology. I only discovered this blog last year after getting my first iPhone and it has helped turn me into an iOS savvy consumer! And that is why e ads are relevant to me!
  • i myself navigated here from pre central after finding out webos2 wasnt being offered to legacy devices i bought an ipod touch to go with the pre to have iphone ios like plus webos combo with ipod using the hotspot or tether thing on the pre. to the original poster i have never seen another tech berated here.but this is an apple products blog. what are you doing here if you dont like apple products? i can tell you aside from glass cracking on ipod touch ( mine hasn't whew ) the stainless and fell of the thing blows palms plastics out of the water
  • Exactly. Rene and the crew can and should express their opinions, likes, dislikes and personal biases here. It's a blog. Blogs are boring without opinions. 'Nuff said.
  • trollolololololololol
  • oh yeah , also i think you are more looking for a site like engadget they highlight everything there
  • Ya gotta believe!
  • Haha the commercial aired on ESPN as I was reading this article.
  • went to mall to shop for a few shirts and dropped in on apple store where a fight broke out because there were 2 tickets left and more than 2 people claiming they were there first. one woman yanked the ticket out of another customer's hand. security was called. i was embarrassed for them. apple best ramp up production or full out riots are coming to a mall near you.
  • I'd like an iPad2. But there's no way I'm getting in line at the Apple Store at 6 friggin AM. Got there at 8:50 and it was a mad house.
    Wish I could order one online but it would get ripped off right after UPS/FedEx drops it on my porch!
    Dear Steve,
    What happened to the Reservation System Apple? I want to order and pick it up at the store, even if it's 3 weeks from now.
  • don't you have to sign for an item like that ??
  • Excellent commercial!
  • Well I ordered mine online and sure I had to wait a couple of weeks. When it did arrive and I signed for it at noon while I was home watching a good movie. I assure you all I was glad I didn't try and wait in line on launch day or any day since!
  • Nice.
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  • The difference between Apple and, say, Motorola, is that Apple puts the user experience (ease of use, simple hardware and interface) ahead of specs. Motorola brags about the specs of its technology (such as the Xoom, which in its own right is an amazing product). Apple has the upper hand when it comes to pleasing the average consumer, while the Xoom seems to be more of a tech junkie's best friend. I think that the iPad and the Xoom are marketed to two very different audiences.
  • I don't understand why a company would waste money advertising a product they are struggling to meet demand for for.
    I ordered mine last week and still have a 3 - 4 week wait till it arrives. Pathetic
  • Precisely to keep that level of demand high. There is a non-trivial number of customers who might be persuaded to walk out of the store with a Xoom or Galaxy Tab today rather than wait a month for an iPad. The tenor of these ads "we believe" directly target those people, pitching the iPad as an object of desire, worth the wait.
  • Never mind putting out commercials. How about putting a few units into stores. Not a single iPad 2 to be got in the whole of Ireland and not looking likely for another 3-4 weeks. Why bother launching a product if there are none available to buy. Apple iPad 2 Launch - FAIL !!!!
  • Demand has outstripped supply.. There's only so many you can physically produce in a certain amount of time.
    The launch a fail? Quite the opposite, I'm sure, once we get official numbers. It's a rare thing in tech, where you literally cannot make them fast enough.
  • WARNING: Too much Apple Koolaid will make you think you can fly.
  • If I could actually find an iPad 2 in a store, and not have to wait in a huge long line, THAT would be magical.
  • Chandra Posted on Love it! Glad I had a chacne to run with you the other day! Helped me to get back on track while I was up there! Know that you keep me inspired!
  • Technology alone is not enough? I think Apple should explain this phrase more precisely. It is like they are finally admitting that Motorola Xoom is actually better than iPad 2 in terms of specs. You have to agree with that one! But I strongly agree with the ad of Apple iPad 2, technology is not enough because people with not enough technical knowledge wouldn’t know the difference. If you ask your Mom to choose between iPad 2 and Xoom, there is no chance that she will choose the Motorola device. Functionality is really the number one criteria! With overflowing options of apps to choose from, any android tablet would be no match with this device. But it is a wise decision for Motorola to let consumers be familiar with their Xoom. Just like what Samsung has done to their Galaxy, now people consider it as the number 2 tablet after iPad because of their familiarity to the product. Lastly, Android Tablets should widen their app choices so people will finally have a reason to purchase their product.
  • I agree, technology isn't everything. Getting to market first counts for a whole lot too. 65,000 apps versus fewer than 100 apps means the iPad is much more functional than the Xoom. This commercial shows off apps and the functionality of the iPad based upon those apps, which I find more compelling than someone reciting specs. As Apple is trying to appeal to the average consumer, not the person who understands what a dual core processor is, they are hitting the mark.
  • Xoom = Doomed. Motorola is once again bringing "specs to an experience fight" as Rene so perfectly put it. With an unfinished alpha-quality OS (honeybomb, er, honeycomb). But the real killer is their uncertain OS future.
    What will Motorola use as an OS after Google loses the Oracle lawsuit? It's an airtight case. There is legal precedent in the ruling against Microsoft in 2001. $20 million paid to Sun, Microsoft's Java taken off the market. Oracle did their due diligence on Java before they even completed the acquisition of Sun, and they knew they could successfully sue Google.
    The lawsuit calls for all copies of Android to be "impounded and destroyed." The best case for Google would result in them paying a license fee to Oracle for each and every Android device shipped. But only after Android uses a fully-compliant JVM. (Presumably that's what James Gosling, the creator of Java, was hired to work on.) And paying that fee would kill Android's one and only advantage. No more "free."
    As we all saw last week, Android is no longer "open." No more open. No more free. Nice while they lasted.
  • I you don't have an iPad , well you don't have iPad
  • Ask not what you can do for your device - ask what your device can do for you.
  • Does anyone know what heart monitor app that is in the commercial?
  • I really don't see how people still use the ipad, iphone, ipot ect. Its all the same crap, sure we can all agree that the iphone started it all but since android has come it caught up with apple and has surpassed and is now leaving it light years behind because let's all be honest to ourselves, its the same exact iphone that came out in 07.
  • do you run linux on your computer? i mean half my comps run ubuntu, but graphically propritary drivers etc arent always available for linux based systems, fast forward to your phone... android is linux based. for the good and bad of it. still curious though if you are that fond of linux on your computer though as you exude the graces of it on a mobile platform.
  • We believe...I believe I will have an iPad 2 before Christmas. I still can't even get my hands on one. Craziness if you ask me.
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