Analyst claims iPad 2 delayed until June?!

According to Yuanta Securities Co., Apple's iPad 2 may not hit the market until June. With the usual caveat of analysts beings only slightly less accurate than monkey's flipping coins, and the clarification that unannounced products can only be "delayed" when it comes to internal time tables, Yuanta cites the reason for the delay as "production bottlenecks" due to Apple making some design changes shortly before the Chinese New Year.

This delay would obviously affect Apple's typical refresh cycle of releasing mobile products once a year. Interestingly enough we told you that WWDC 2011 is scheduled for June 5-9, which would place the iPad 2 launch just prior to or right after Apple's yearly event where iPhone 5 should be announced.

What do you think of this rumor, real, fake or really fake?

[Business Week ]