Analyst claims iPad 2 delayed until June?!

According to Yuanta Securities Co., Apple's iPad 2 may not hit the market until June. With the usual caveat of analysts beings only slightly less accurate than monkey's flipping coins, and the clarification that unannounced products can only be "delayed" when it comes to internal time tables, Yuanta cites the reason for the delay as "production bottlenecks" due to Apple making some design changes shortly before the Chinese New Year.

This delay would obviously affect Apple's typical refresh cycle of releasing mobile products once a year. Interestingly enough we told you that WWDC 2011 is scheduled for June 5-9, which would place the iPad 2 launch just prior to or right after Apple's yearly event where iPhone 5 should be announced.

What do you think of this rumor, real, fake or really fake?

[Business Week ]

  • Totally fake.
  • Apple would not release both the iPad 2 and the iPhone in one month. It would steal hype from both products.
  • agreed, it would be stupid cause people will have money to buy one then buy the other if tney have a time interval
  • but they are two different product...
  • FAKE!!!!!!!
  • Fake :P
  • Analyst have the easiest job, they can make up whatever they want and people pay them for it.
  • Like a weather person. Can be wrong any time they want and not get fired haha.
  • Brian you stole my idea ha
  • I think apple news is red hot!!! So, several analysts are scraping for news. Apple is stopping iPad 1 not 2. No delays!
  • Maybe they'll announce it in June and sell them in september (like other rumors claimed). However thatll clutter up that month with iPod and mac book releases. April is the best time for the iPad
  • Actually this would make sense from an iOS point of view as they could then sync the iPad and iPhone versions.
    It does seem strange that we have not had an official announcement about the iPad 2, nearly 13 months after the iPad 1 announcement. Maybe they changed something in light of the competition?
  • How are these @$$ clowns called "analysts", more like overpaid guessers
  • No delay plez!
  • The device that has no release date is delayed wow , also FAKE
  • I look forward to the day that a brilliant young analyst announces the cancellation of an unannounced product.
  • Just a thought: what if, in light of all these new "pads," Apple decided to redo their prototypes? I mean, it's already been beat into the ground that they can't do a double resolution display because of increased costs. What else could they offer besides FaceTime, more ram, and faster processor? In Apple terms, they market ram and processor as "faster," so are they going to just market "it's faster and has cameras."? They obviously wouldn't relase it during another product cycle (iPhone, Mac, iPod, etc...), so my idea is, would they wait until next year if they don't announce it in the next couple of weeks?
    Just a thought. Maybe I'm completely off, but I have an iPad and would be interested in getting a new one, but iPhone 5 would take priority over iPad 2 if they were released too close to each other, and I'm sure most of you feel the same.
  • its your job to make rumor.... my rumor is no new ipad in 2011. :)
  • Also I want to be an analyst, they have the easiest job, they can make up whatever they want...
    wake up say: crazy and stupid rumors
  • I would say no to June. Does not make sense. I am still trying to figure out the September rumor of an iPad 3. That makes no sense either.
  • No way would they release iPad 2 and iPhone 5 at the same time. Too much in one hit. Apple would never be stupid enough to do that. I reckon the iPad 2 will be released around Easter time. When it will be announced is another question!
  • Analysts and rumors bore me. I want facts!!!
  • Does anyone really care if it was delayed?
  • Maybe iPad 2 depends on new MobileMe that won't launch until iPhone nano?
  • This could be a marketing ploy to sell as many 1st generation iPads as possible before the 2nd generation iPad is announced...Any more delays may cause some buyers who are waiting for iPad2 to go ahead and give in and buy the 1st generation iPad...who knows?!
  • this makes the most sense of all of the comments I have heard so far
  • yeah sure it is , that why the price of the original ipad has just been dropped.
  • I really don't understand, why every "BlaBlaBla" from those Analysts-Guys finds its way into the blogs.
    Those guys don't are wrong in 99,9% when it comes to Apple rumors!
  • Product can't be delayed if there was no release date announced. Jackwagons!
  • Hope not, I will get a Xoom.
  • Good for you!
  • Anyone can see what is going on. Apple floats the rumors to supress the buying power of other products.
    I laugh when I see them because they are originated by Apple management.
  • Just like a celebrity.
  • Fake
  • This is the crazy apple rumors season. Seems more insane than normal though.
  • I hope it's fake! I sold my iPad weeks ago anticipating a March/April launch and will be VERY PISSED if it's delayed until summer!!!
  • Why would they release an iPad 2 in June when they are suppose to release the iPad 3 in September? I say FAKE!
  • Its really really fake!
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