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Update: iPad 2 event set for March 2?

BoomTown reports that Apple will hold their much anticipated iPad 2 event on Wednesday, March 2 in San Francisco, CA.

According to several sources close to the situation, the Wednesday date in a little more than a week is firm and will take place in San Francisco, the scene of many such Apple events.

So mark your calendars, folks! In just a over a week, we'll know which of the crazy rumors about this device turn out to be true. In the mean time, let the speculating continue and let us know what you expect Apple to reveal next week in the comments below!

Update: The New York Times and other publications are now echoing the March 2 date.

[All Things D]

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  • All I want to know is, will Apple lower the price of the existing iPad, and if so, will the features added to the new model justify not buying one at a lower price now.
  • About time you reported this. Last one of the 5 sites I frequent.
    I think the order was
    2)Cult of Mac
    4)Boy Genius Report
    and finally....
    Son, I am disappoint
  • Start your own blog since you seem to have so much time. You could rule them all.
    Yea didnt think so....
  • If there is going to be an event, it won't be at Yerba Buena Center like most of their events, there are no unknown events listed for that week.
  • My guess is it will be on Apple's campus. If this is for the iPad 2 and nothing else, their on-campus auditorium would likely be enough.
  • Either that, or Apple's onto us, and they've struck a deal with the YBCA schedulers not to post anything (even "Unknown") until after invites go out.
  • I'd believe that, They are striking deals all of the time to keep secrets.
  • Forget iPad 2. Where's iPad 3 and iPad 4? It's February, for godssake. :lol:
  • Shucks, you're just too funny!
  • This Boomtown report is THAT definitive?
  • Kara Swisher may actually have Apple contacts. People who know what's going on. And is potentially a target for Apple to leak to (from Apple PR or marketing VPs). So her word does carry a bit of weight. Not slam dunk, but a bit of weight.
    Those analysts saying iPad 2 and iPhone 5 are delayed basically have nothing. They are claiming knowledge based on disparate bits of the supply chain. The supply chain basically knows nothing though. They are contractually forbidden to say anything. They are compartmentalized and don't know what the components they are building are for. Apple will drop component maker contracts if they leak anything significant. They'll certainly do so if it is proven to be intentional. It may even be possible, likely, that Apple is simply waiting for the last possible minute to award component contracts for iPad 2 production to reduce leakage.
    So, it's hard to believe rumors based on the supply chain.
  • Well it's not at moscone since there's a game developers conference that day. I will not speculate. If its next week i will wait and see. There would have to be huge updates on the new to replace my ipad.
  • It's at Steve Woz's house. Punch and pie will be served!
  • More people will come if we have punch and pie!
  • Get the popcorn ready
  • Finally an official date for retinal disappointment. "iPad 1S: now faster with FaceTime" - Blah.
  • iWant, dual core procezzers, 1 gigz of ramz, front and rear facing cameraz and hdmi outputz.
  • Apple rules!!
  • Timing about right.
  • What are the chances of the White iPhone 4 release date as "one more thing?"
  • unikely... no point now. iPhone 5 is right around the corner. at least IMO
  • LOL. That would be quite amusing :)
  • WOOHOO! i hope THIS leak is true. I've been IMpatiently waiting
  • Hopefully we can get a sneak peak of iOS5 like we did last year during the iPad event.
  • Idk if I should get the iPad 2 or wait to get the iPad 3..
  • Here is your answer.........Buy iPad 1, sell it prior to release of iPad 2 for 75% or more on what you paid for it, purchase iPad 2, then sell it prior to release of iPad 3 for 75% or more on what you paid for it, then get iPad 3, and so on, and so on........I have done this with every version of iPhone and I actually made money on my iPhone 3GS.
    Don't believe me? Check out EBAY for yourself. A used iPad 3G 64 gb is going for close to $800.
    Bottom line.........Apple products hold their value unlike any product out there!
  • I always sell my iPhones for more than I buy them for. For years AT&T has been allowing us early adopters to renew our contracts while picking up a new iPhone at new contract price every year.
  • Thats My Birthday! I Hope It Is The Second!