iPad 2 to include two cameras, FaceTime [rumor]

Barron's is reporting that OmniVision will supply the CMOS sensors for two cameras in the next generation iPad 2 -- a 5MP camera on the back and a VGA quality camera on the front.

OmniVision (OVTI) will supply CMOS image sensors for a second-generation Apple (AAPL) iPad that will launch in the calendar first quarter of 2011

A second generation iPad 2 would most likely be introduced early 2011, perhaps in April like the original. WIth cameras would come FaceTime support. Now that Apple has opened up FaceTime to the iPod touch and Mac, we could be looking at a huge surge related to mobile video calling.

In addition, Barron's went on to suggest that the iPhone could sell up to 23 million units within Q1 2011 based on build orders, and pointed to the increasingly likely Verizon iPhone selling over 6m units alone. This could make the 14.1 million iPhone units last quarter seems rather puny by comparison.

So what about you, do you see yourself using FaceTime on the iPad once the next revision hits the streets? Let us know what you think in the comments!


by Andrew Wray

IM Staff

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