iPad 2 might switch from IPS to Samsung Super PLS display?

Korea Herald is reporting that Apple might switch from the IPS displays used on current iPads to the new Samsung-manufactured Super PLS displays for even better viewing angles, brightness, and color. Not only are they better, but the super PLS displays are apparently 15% cheaper as well.

Apple has invested heavily in IPS, using it in everything from the latest iMacs to iPhone to iPad and has suffered from considerable supply constraint throughout 2010, largely attributed to the inability to get those panels manufactured fast enough. So even if PLS is better and cheaper it remains to be seen if Apple would be able to source enough panels to make it usable. But hey, they did just pre-pay billions of dollars to some supplier to lock up supply of something, didn't they?

Is your iPad display just not bright, colorful, or viewable enough? Eager to see Apple make the switch?

[Korea Herald via 9to5Mac]

Rene Ritchie

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