The new iPad (2012) community report card

By now you've read our highly detailed iMore new iPad review, and the reality-checking Mobile Nations new iPad round-table, so there's only one part of our trifecta left -- your take. That's right, the most important thing at the end of the day is what you, the iMore community thinks of the new iPad. How does Apple's latest tablet meet your expectations and serve your needs. To find out and to give you your say, we ran several polls and you started several forum threads.

Here are the results to date.

Which iPad did you get?

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Black easily remained the most popular color for the iMore community, accounting for almost two-thirds of all purchases. Surprisingly to us, the 64GB model was the most popular capacity, with almost two-fifth of all readers opting for the largest capacity available. (Makes you wonder if 128GB NAND Flash was cheap enough to include, how many of those Apple could sell?) Wi-Fi only models made up fully one half of reader purchases, with Verizon being the most popular LTE model, equalling the sales of all AT&T and Canadian LTE models combined. (Non-US AT&T/Canadian LTE iPad sales were roughly 20% of the total, and interestingly, non-US Verizon LTE sales were about 8%). iMore readers are predominantly US based, and initial Apple sales are usually predominantly US based, so we can't read a lot into the international HSPA+ figures.

  • Black: 63%
  • White: 37%

  • 16GB: 25%

  • 32GB: 35%
  • 64GB: 39%

  • Wi-Fi: 50%

  • Verizon LTE: 20%
  • AT&T/Canadian LTE: 20%
  • International HSPA+: 10%

What do you think of your new iPad?

No huge surprise here -- for an Apple community site like iMore, a whopping 84% of readers said the new iPad was everything they expected it to be or more, with 28% putting it close to perfection. (New gadgets are like new love, after all.) Only a tiny percentage found it to be truly terrible (and while no doubt some of that is legitimate, it's impossible to disqualify pranksters from the results).

  • Almost perfect: 28%
  • Better than expected: 22%
  • Exactly as expected: 34%
  • Worse than expected: 11%
  • Terrible: 4%

One the iMore Forums, 96% of members reported being happy with their new iPad, compared to 3% who reported they were not.

Community reactions: Day one

The new iPad (2012) community report card

Here's a random sampling of what our forum members had to say on launch day, after getting their hands on the new iPad for the first time.

It's noticeably heavier but not enough to actually bother me at all. The screen is the best on anything I've owned or tried in a store. The camera on the back is in another league when compared with my iPad 2. iPhoto is amazing on this thing! I wish I could give one to the world like the old Coke commercials! Using with my old Smart Cover right now. Waiting on a white ClamCase to be made so that I can leave my heavy MacBook Pro at home. I love it!

Pretty much what I was expecting it to be. I still can't believe how crazy this display is. I can't look at my PlayBook's screen the same anymore, my eyes have now been spoiled.

going from iPad original to this - I'll say wow on the display even though you've read this 10,000 times previously. But there is no explaining how awesome it is - just go look at it. Not unless you're ready to buy one though Speed MUCH better over the OG iPad. I was getting frustrated with my original but this thing screams in comparison, no doubt. I could probably dump my MBA and live with this as my "portable computing device" now. Already have an Apple BT keyboard so good to go as far as I'm concerned. I went ahead and spent way too much - 64GB with ATT cellular modem and will be good to go. My OG was 32 GB but my iTunes library has expanded up to around 40 GB so that won't work anymore. But cloud storage will cover any extra needs that I have probably. I was showing my wife (an engineer) tonight all the different cloud connections I run now - sugarsync, dropbox, iCloud. Her comment was "why don't you just get a 16GB then as a thin mobile client"? Smart girl!

What else can I say? Every mobile computing task that I currently do can be handled by this now (amazingly). Wait for the new Ivy Bridge iMac to hit this summer and I will be a full fledged Apple Fanboi and have purged my house of winblowz. This pleases me to no end - I've seen Win 8 and it's really not any better. Hell, even MS will tell you it's Metro slapped on top of Win7.

I have the iPad 1. It is pretty much unusable. It is too slow I was got frustrated when using it. I would always revert using my iPhone 4 or my iPhone 4S. I never got the iPad 2 because I didn't think that it was fast enough. Now that I have the new iPad, it is freaking amazing. There's almost 0 lag and everything works much faster than the iPad 1. I am VERY happy.

I also finally caved and got a white one. I've always wanted a white iPhone or iPad and now I have one. It is DA BOMB!!!

I am extremely happy with my new iPad so far. Glad I decided to get one.

Community reactions: One week later

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And here's a random sampling of what they had to say after having had a chance to use their new iPads for 7 days.

Feels warm during heavy use, but this my first iPad so I don't know if this is to be expected. Should have gone with a 64 GB model, but will make do with my 32 GB. -Think the battery drains faster than I expected on an iOS device, but that may be due to I having the brightness set to max.

Not getting the warm thing here. LTE is awesome. Now take iPad many places. battery life seems the same as 2. Even with LTE. Retina is amazing. Voice dictation is wonderfully too. Camera is very much improved. Can actually take a nice pic now.

I have great vision, but I don't, nor do any of my coworkers see a difference really. It may be because of the content we were watching.... the 'Trailers' application by Apple. My device gets a bit warm and the battery seems okay. Does seem to take longer to charge. With my iPad 2, I could turn off the device to charge and come back to 80% from being around 20%-30%. With the new iPad, it seems like it'll go up to about 10% more than when I first turned it off. I may actually go down to the 16gb version. Not sure yet.

-The display is just off the charts amazing. So much better for all of the reading I do, both books and magazines. I don't zoom nearly as much as I did with my 2. Glad I went from 32 to 64. Mags can take up lots of space and I like them all on my device. Speaking of mags, download speed much faster than with my 2. Battery does take longer to charge but I am finding battery life same as my 2. Using data in the same manner as I did with my 2 and not finding that LTE is blowing thru my plan. Gets a little warm but not a big deal

More on the new iPad

So that's it, the end of your iPad triple-play. If the community report card wasn't enough for you, jump in and leave us your take, or check out the following resources:

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