iPad 3 to hit Apple Stores on March 16?

An anonymous source from an Apple Store claims that there are big preparations underway to start selling the iPad 3 on March 16. Tomorrow afternoon Apple is holding an event which will solidify or explode all of the wild iPad 3 rumors, but a March 16 launch passed on to 9to5Mac seems like a safe enough bet, considering Apple has a tendency to get their products into stores very shortly after announcing them. Most of our sources suggested March 30, which is an uncharacteristically long wait, but one way or the other, you're probably going to be able to get an iPad 3 before the end of the month.

There are a ton of iPad 3 features that we're still not 100% sure about, including LTE support, upgraded cameras, and a retina display, but until tomorrow, they all exist solely in the realm of wishful thinking. As far as release dates go, is March 30 too much of a wait for you guys? March 16 seems more sensible given Apple's habits, doesn't it?

Source 9to5mac

Simon Sage

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