iPad 3 rumored to have 8 megapixel camera, more tapered casing

Adding fuel to the blazing hot iPad 3 rumor fire, NextMedia claims to have gotten actual pictures of Apple's next-generation tablet, along with specs indicating the rear camera will be 8 megapixel. Physically, the casing looks very much like the iPad 2 but with shaper, more tapered edges.

They also echo the March 7 event date iMore heard previously, as well as the Retina display and quad-core Apple A6 processor. They don't seem to mention anything about 4G LTE, though the Wall Street Journal has previously confirmed that.

Going from the 1 megapixel camera in the iPad 2 to 8 megapixels in the iPad 3 is quite the jump. If the optics are anywhere near as good as the iPhone 4S Apple's tablet will have gone from a photographic joke to a serious shooter in one generation flat. It won't be anywhere nearly as convenient to use as an everyday camera, the way the iPhone is, but it will be great for when you need to take a picture, capture a document, or shoot some -- presumably 1080p -- video.

Source: NextMedia via Apple.pro via MacRumors

Rene Ritchie

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