New iPad 3G orders shipping May 7, pre-orders still "late April"

The Apple Online Store has revealed that new orders placed for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models will ship on May 7, while Apple has simultaneously begun emailing customers who pre-ordered to reassure them of their "late April" shipping date.

High demand for the iPad Wi-Fi has caused Apple to delay international release until "late May". Follow-up emails, purportedly from Steve Jobs, confirmed current plans to ship iPad Wi-Fi + 3G internationally at the same time. Unclear wording in one of the emails made it appear US iPad Wi-Fi + 3G orders could also be delayed until "late May", but this appears now not to be the case. (International pre-orders for all models begin May 10).

If you pre-ordered an iPad Wi-Fi from Apple, let us know when you get an actual shipping notification along with the date they're being sent out. If you haven't yet, does finally having a shipping date encourage you to do so?

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Rene Ritchie

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