UPDATED: It's live! iPad 3G + Wi-Fi jailbroken on release day

UPDATE: Spirit is live, go grab it if you want it.

The iPad 3G + Wi-Fi was released this past Friday and on that very day Dev Team member MuscleNerd showed the world it was jailbroken. The new iPad proved to be vulnerable to comex’s “Spirit” jailbreak. Unfortunately, the software is not yet publicly available but it should be released soon.

Any of our readers getting a itchy trigger finger to jailbreak you iPad? Sound off in the comments!

MuscleNerd’s video after the break!

[Dev-Team Blog]

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  • Is anyone surprised? Honestly I would be way more shocked if hotz or the dev team didn't have a jailbreak within hours of touching the thing.
  • Yup I will be jailbreaking can't wait to text from my ipad
  • Well, now they don't have any new devices coming out soon so I hope to see this universal Apple Touch jailbreak out.
  • dont have an iPad...but waiting on this year's iPhone
  • Jail broke for what?
  • What will iPhone 4 not address? Please tell me as I never jailbroke.
  • Well, my jailbroken 3G serves as a wifi hot-spot for my iPad.
  • Don't suppose the 4 will do that...
  • Proswitcher >>> OS4.0 multitasking
  • If 4.0 doesn't allow SBSettings-type functionality, that alone will be worth jailbreaking any 4.0 device...
  • Steve Jobs has no right to say that Flash has security risks. How easy is it to Jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad? Maybe he should start looking at his OWN software for security leaks, doesn't Apple to try and stop jailbreakers, since it "ruins the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad experience."
    I would laugh if it was revealed that all Apple products have huge security risks and they just don't tell you and would rather blame other software not made by them. You know they don't tell you that the Intel Core i7 processor in the 17" MacBookPro is a dual core not a quad core, or that it has overheating problems. Or that they won't honor an extended warranty to fix a broken computer component because of cosmetic damage on the outside of the computer even though the problem has nothing do with a small scratch. So if your new 17" MacBookPro dies from over heating and you have a scratch on the outside case and you're within the warranty, you're screwed cause they won't fix it.
  • how would this work with Blackberry (verizon) and IPAD?
  • I fully agree with author opinion.
  • this mobile are interesting