iPad makes Apple #1 US PC maker?

As we wait on Apple's Q4 earnings report later today, it's interesting to look at the graphic above and see just what a profound effect iPad sales have had, and are likely increasingly to have, on the US PC market. Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore:

  • The U.S. PC market grew an anemic 4% year-over-year in calendar Q3 without the iPad, according to IDC. Include the iPad, as Whitmore feels one ought to, and that growth jumps to a robust 24%.
  • Exclude the iPad, and Apple's (AAPL) PC sales grew 24% year-over-year. Include them, and Apple's unit sales soared roughly 250%. By comparison, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) grew 3% year-over-year and Dell (DELL) units fell 5%.
  • When the iPad is part of the mix, Apple's share of the U.S. PC market is about 25%. That makes it the market leader, having gained a remarkable 18 points in the space of two quarters.

Add to that: Apple makes good margins on a $500 iPad, a device with great build quality, materials, and consumer appeal. Other manufacturers typically make razor thin margins on $500 netbooks/laptops, which are also typically poor devices with lousy build quality, cheap materials, and consumer appeal attached only to the price tag.