UPDATED: iPhone SDK 3.2 Shows iPad Camera (Again), Camera Flash and Zoom, Video Chat, Wallpaper Choices

WhenWillApple has found an interesting screen in the just-released iPhone 3.2 SDK for the iPad -- one that once again hints at camera functionality.

We don't want to set anyone up for anticipointment, so we're seriously not expecting any last minute camera additions before next months iPad launch, but the regular stream of rumors sure isn't helping!

UPDATE 1: 9to5Mac has found settings for making a picture your Lock Screen background, Home Screen background, or both.

UPDATE 2: MacRumors has found references to camera flash and zoom in the strings, and shows those accept/decline video iChat we linked to previously.

So, did Apple once again intend to include a camera and pull it at the last minute? Could there be a surprise in March or will we have to wait until the 2nd gen iPad to see it again?

[Thanks Justin for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • First post!
  • Im sure this is in reference to the camera connection accessories. I really dont think we are going to see a built in until generation 2
  • 'Anticipointment"! What a great word! Jsut perfect for Apple rumors...
  • Hmm eh. I think this is for the USB dongle thingy. When you connect a digital camera , you choose " camera " where ever available ( in Photos , or 3rd party apps ).
    This reminds me of the ' isight ' ... it was so clunkly until they finally put the webcam into the computers. Eventually , they will add an ' image sensor ' and call it a feature.
    My expectations of Apple have went way down. I guess.
  • You never know. We haven't seen the version that's supposed to ship. Although if it wasn't ready to ship. A ton of celebrities wouldn't already have one.
  • Maybe it's just part of the iPhone sdk, meaning 3.2 will be coming to the iPhone before 4.0 is released. Sometime in March maybe?
  • Hmmmmmm... Well, if they were going to wait till generation 2 to put a camera in the iPad, why would they put functionality into the first version of the OS for the iPad?...
  • @Rgar3338: that is exactly what I was gonna say. Since this IS the iPhone SDK, maybe it is mistakened, & is mostly used as for the iPhone. It's like saying there's isn't gonna be "camera" words on the "iPad SDK" for the iPhone. So maybe, which hopefully it won't be,.. this may just be the iPhone SDK (3.2) for 2010. I just hope there will be a 4.0 :(
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the 3G versions came with a camera. I'm sure all the ones that are floating around are wifi only versions.
  • The iPhone 3.2 SDK is ipad exclusive , if I recall.
  • If a camera comes in version 2, that's when I'll consider an ipad. Until then. It's pointless
  • I think the camera was dropped to make the well below expected price point. Besides, they can just add it for ipad 2.0 and marginally increase the specs and people will still buy it.
    Still glad I wasn't a first adopted of the 2G iPhone. Wasn't upset about the 3G to 3GS transition. Can't wait for 4G to come out.
  • As several people have said, this is an iPhone sdk, so the features here could honestly be just for the next iPhone. But I still hold out dwindling hope that the ipad will have a camera at launch. I'd still love to have one tho!
  • Apple is throwing a bone to iPhone users for the 1st gen ipad. The "built in" camera is your iPhone. A dongle/mount combo will be included. iPhone users get their bone and ipad users will be incentivized to get an iPhone. Apple excels at generating profit, so this is plausible.
  • I'm betting the 3G version will have the camera. Kinda like the Touch and Iphone.