UPDATED: iPhone SDK 3.2 Shows iPad Camera (Again), Camera Flash and Zoom, Video Chat, Wallpaper Choices

WhenWillApple has found an interesting screen in the just-released iPhone 3.2 SDK for the iPad -- one that once again hints at camera functionality.

We don't want to set anyone up for anticipointment, so we're seriously not expecting any last minute camera additions before next months iPad launch, but the regular stream of rumors sure isn't helping!

UPDATE 1: 9to5Mac has found settings for making a picture your Lock Screen background, Home Screen background, or both.

UPDATE 2: MacRumors has found references to camera flash and zoom in the strings, and shows those accept/decline video iChat we linked to previously.

So, did Apple once again intend to include a camera and pull it at the last minute? Could there be a surprise in March or will we have to wait until the 2nd gen iPad to see it again?

[Thanks Justin for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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