Let the "iPad Family" Rumors Commence!

Yes, the iPad won't even ship until exactly a week from today but that doesn't mean there aren't folks out there already busy starting "iPad family" rumors replete with iPad nano and iPad HD no less. No surprise, right? "iPhone family" rumors have been dredged up almost yearly by all manner of Apple analysts. Yet there's still no "iPhone nano" (or iPhone HD for that matter). So, forgive us if no breath is being held...

For future link-back's sake, however, here's what Dan "Fake Steve" Lyons quoted in Newsweek (via 9to5Mac):

Paul Saffo, a tech forecaster and professor at Stanford University, expects Apple to roll out a family of other iPad models—a small one the size of a paperback, a big one the size of two magazine pages—perhaps as soon as this fall. (Apple won't confirm, natch.)

And this before we even start 4th generation iPhone silly season. Rumor fatigue much?

(Lyons' summation of the existing iPad, however, is interesting and worth a read).

Rene Ritchie

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