iPad finger nabber, nabbed!

Thanks to surveillance cameras and good detective work, one of the suspected iPad thieves who cost a man his finger has been caught and is presently behind bars. Brandon Darnell Smith 20, was picked up at his home and is being investigated in connection with the theft and injury. He has been charged with second-degree assault and robbery. The suspect was caught one day after the incident took place.

Takes off sunglasses, squints into the sun. I guess this thief got more than just the finger. Cut to Miami skyline, cue music... Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!.

(Ok best I could do, please add a better Horatio one liner in the comments!)


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  • I think they should cut off the robbers finger and sew on the victim.
  • Takes off sunglasses, squints into the sun, he'll need an iPad where he's going, yeeeeeeeah
  • Losers can't afford iPads
  • Takes off sunglasses. Squints into the sun "He won't be getting any more digits where he's going" YYYYEAAAAAAAHHHH!
  • No, he'll get digits, just not where he wants them.
  • The iFinger thief is going to get iSex with iBubba in iJail. :-)
  • Takes off sunglasses. Squints into the sun "He left a man with nothing but bone. Now thats what he's gonna get every day."
    Actually Georgia, I thought yours was appropriately bad enough for prime time. Worthy of a face palm.
  • He's is gonna get more than a finger in his a.s.s at JAIL....
  • Matt's was the best.
  • A little late on this arent we tipb? Seems as if you guys are falling behind on a lot of things. And I hope they hang this thief.
  • we could remove the tip of something else instead of the finger.
  • "Darnell, where're you're going you aren't going to need that iPad...You may need a butt-pad, though"
  • You guys are hilarious lol!! iFinger and iJail... That's funny to me...
    But on a serious note, I hope justice is served for these criminals
  • I sincerely feel bad for this guy. What's this world coming to? Robber should have his entire hand chopped off.
  • "Sounds like that iPad must have had some... killer apps." Takes off sunglasses YEEEAAAHH!!!!
  • at first, when I saw the video I thought it was kanye west.
  • "This looks like another rehashing of a tired and overused plotline" YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!
  • "Justice will be served without lifting a finger..." YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Takes off sunglasses, squints into the sun. "Looks like the thief took more than he could HANDle" . Cut to Miami skyline, cue music… Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!.
  • hi