iPad vs Kindle Ownership

Apple's iPad is gaining fast on Amazon's Kindle in the battle for eBook reader dominance according to a new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research.

The Amazon Kindle (47%; down 15-pts) is hanging on to a rapidly diminishing lead over the Apple iPad (32%; up 16-pts) among current e-Reader owners.

iPad owners are also consuming different types of content (newspapers, magazines etc) that Kindle owners aren't engaging in, and recent market share of the iPad has doubled while the Kindle has seen a quickening decline. In addition, the survey shows 75% of iPad owners are Very Satisfied with their device, while only 54% of Kindle owners could say the same.

We know the iPad does a lot more than a Kindle but this survey was specific to e-Readers, which makes it particularly impressive given the Kindle's head start and the iPad's much higher price tag. It will be interesting to see how market shares shift between the two devices going forward, especially over this holiday season.

What about you, would you prefer an iPad over a Kindle when it comes to reading eBooks, newspapers or magazines? Let us know in the comments!