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iPad mounted in kitchen cabinet = totally awesome

Take a look at this amazing set up -- an IPad installed into a kitchen cabinet. The fully visible front panel lets you surf the web, find your favourite recipes and listen to music (though not all at the same time). It is a great idea and would make time spent in the kitchen so much more fun.

The iPad is firmly held in place by a wooden 2x4 and can be removed by unplugging it and lifting upwards. (So you are still able to sync to your computer and charge it at a secondary location.)

You could of course just place your iPad on a counter or on a stand somewhere but this is so much cooler. It almost makes me want to pick up a new cabinet door, grab a jigsaw and dremel sander and do it in my own kitchen. How about you?

Video after the break!

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  • You gotta be kidding. So the iPad is the only piece of technology that can do stuff like that. I could find better uses for it than putting a hole in cabinet. To each his own.
  • If I did this, I don't know what would anger my wife more - actually getting another tech device (iPad), or cutting up the cabinets she refinished so nicely last year.
  • What a lame place to put it. I guess this guy has cheap kitchen cabinets. There is no way I'm putting a hole in my expensive cabinets. Maybe I will cut a whole in my Fridge! Now that would be cool. This equals "FAIL!"
  • I agree completely this is not only destructive and useless, it is HIDEOUS!!
    I have a Dell Mini 10v with SSD running OSX 10.6 on my counter that is 1000 times more useful.
  • Cool concept, imagine multiple ipad like devices all over your home. :)
  • Damn, Consuelo, how long till we can get something on our plates!
  • My wife would cut my **** off if I installed an iPad in our cabinets.
  • My Mrs. would beat me in my sleep if I did that!
  • We're remodeling our kitchen right now. Our contractor says, sarcastically, "what about an induction charger?"
  • Hmm.. iPad in shower/bath, iPad in book, iPad in hand.
  • I think it's a very good idea. No clutter on the worktop and great for following recipes or catching up with the news over breakfast. I can understand why some people wouldn't want to carve up their units but I think I'd be more concerned about scratching the iPad! ;-)
  • Personally I think that is retarded, like I said personally. I wouldn't never do that when like Georgia said you could put it on the counter in a stand. Some things look cool because it's the first time it's been done and yeah it looks cool but it is such a waste.
  • y cant you listen to music as u surf to find recipes?
  • Most of you miss the point:
    This provides an inexpensive way to make the iPad useful in the kitchen AND move it off the counter so it's away from spills, dropped objects such as knives, heavy pots, etc, and many other things that could damage an iPad.
    With iPad's Wifi you open up a myriad of uses beyond recipes:
    - streaming video for live TV and movies
    - VOIP phone
    - calender / email / etc.
    As for the door, a spare door is pretty cheap, and with a little creative routing you could add a power source as well.
  • wait, so you cant listen to music and surf the web at the same time with the ipad?
  • Ruin a cabinet door for a device that no one will want in a year and a half?
    Wow, this sets up a perfect "What Was I Thinking" moment.
  • Great!! This is the future, really.
  • Have any of you people ever heard of whole home audio or "smart home" systems? They all have touch screens (wall mounted or portable) that do everything that this iPad would be used for. They have been around for years! Plus the install looks cleaner. it is not "the future" as the application already exists. Who wants to cook and constantly go over to the cabinet to review the recipe? A stand make the most sense, keeps it portable
  • The install would have been much cleaner if he had come up with a button solution (maybe made with a wooden dowel) instead of the notch for the home button.
  • I wish my dentist would do something like this with an ipad. While getting a root canal I would have something to do besides mumbling mpphh huh every 5 minutes.
  • SteveN
    you could always just brush your teeth...
  • @Icebike
    I was thinking the same thing.
  • Thats cool! I want this in my kitchen as well :) awesome!
  • Thanks, especially for the video)Looks really cool! Great idea. Especially it would match high-tech interiour of a kitchen. It seems to me that iPads soon will be installed everywhere) Some already wear it as an accessory, mount it into a car etc. What will be next?)
  • You can listen to mucus while reading or browsing the web.. As long as music is in iPad are it will play. And in sept multitasking will allow for pandora n other sites at same time.. Annoying when someone talks smack about a device that they do not own or have spent time with.
  • Hhaha I wrote mucus...I meant to say music.. You can listen to
  • Damn girls the expendables the movie will be awesome