Using the iPad as you main computer

Over at Technologizer, Harry McCracken has posted his thoughts on how the iPad 2 has become his favorite computer, and number one device for professional content creation. Something he's been using it for for the last 3 months.

With the iPad [...] you can devote nearly every second of your time to the task at hand, rather than babysitting a balky computer. I don’t feel like I’m “using an iPad to write.” I’m just writing. It’s a far more tranquil, focused experience than using a PC or Mac. It’s also easier to dive in, do a bit of work as time allows, then dive out–especially since the iPad’s instant-on feature is more reliably instant than the alleged instant-on capabilities of traditional computers.

I know I gravitate to my iPad for the more mundane stuff like reading emails, looking up information, responding to SMS with iMessages, and writing up this blog post. But I still go to my iMac to for more fine grained control and power computing.

McCracken, however, uses his iPad 2 with a hardware keyboard and likes it better than his MacBook Air for computing on-the-go because of the built in 3G connectivity and much longer battery life.

Check out McCracken's full article for a list of accessories and apps he uses, and a description of how he uses them, then come back here and tell us what you think -- is the iPad getting closer to replacing your traditional computer?

Source: Technologizer