iPad mini already installed in a car dashboard, could be the perfect in-car entertainment device

The iPad mini was only available to buy yesterday but it has already found its way into a car dashboard. The guys from Soundwaves in Tampa, Florida were really on the ball with this one by pre-fabricating the necessary dashboard mods all ready for the iPad mini’s launch.

Once they got their hands on an iPad mini yesterday morning, it was all systems go. To make this project even more interesting, the guy’s filmed the install and testing for your viewing pleasure. The iPad mini is fully removable too so no need to worry about leaving it behind when you leave your car.

The prospect of having an iPad mini as your in car entertainment system is certainly one that whets my appetite. It would probably be better to wait for the iPad mini with LTE to enable the GPS features as well as the possibility to access streaming services as well all as everything else an iPad mini can do. Looking at this set up, using an iPad mini as an in-car entertainment system seems like the perfect solution.

Would you fancy having an iPad mini as your in car entertainment system?

Source: Soundwaves, YouTube


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