iPad pre-orders sold out for launch day, now shipping for March 19

Looks as if the initial stock of pre-orders for the new iPad have sold out, with current orders now showing Ships by March 19th for U.S. customers. That means you can still order an new iPad, of course, you just have to wait longer to get it.

After Apple's new iPad event, Apple Online Store servers temporarily went down in flames with many users having pre-order issues. After a while, things seems to calm down but more pre-orders kept pouring in. UK and international customers got hit first followed quickly by others. LTE models seemed to be the first to go in the US and now we're seeing March 19th ship dates for all models across the board.

Were you able to get your new iPad pre-order in for a launch date delivery or was your order pushed back? Some of us as well as our forum members have received shipment notifications already. If you're in a country other than the US or UK, what are shipping estimates looking like for you?

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.