Resolutionary - the new iPad

Apple has announced availability and pricing for the new iPad. The pricing will follow the same pricing model as previous generation iPads, with Wi-Fi only version starting at $499 and 4G/LTE counterparts starting at $629.

The new iPad will be available to consumers on Friday, March 16th, and have the following price points -

Wifi Models

  • 16GB - $499
  • 32GB - $599
  • 64GB - $699

Wifi + 4G/LTE Models

  • 16GB - $629
  • 32GB - $729
  • 64GB - $829

If you aren't too sure about shelling out the money for a new model, the iPad 2, which is still an amazing device, will now be available for $399.

Check out all our iPad event coverage and let us know if you will be picking up an iPad 3 on March 16th or picking up a discounted iPad 2?