iPad now on sale at Verizon, AT&T

As previously announced, Verizon and AT&T have started selling the iPad today. AT&T is selling iPad Wi-Fi + 3G at the standard pricing for both device and data plan. Verizon is offering the wifi-only iPad bundled with their own Verizon MiFi, for more flexible, if less integrated 3G connectivity.

Once again, the bundle prices are:

  • 16GB iPad and MiFi - $629.99
  • 32GB iPad and MiFi - $729.99
  • 64GB iPad and MiFi - $829.99

Data Prices (per/month):

  • 1GB - $20
  • 3GB - $35
  • 5GB - $50

Since the AT&T iPad is pretty much what we've had all along, we're more interested in asking if anyone will be opting instead for a Verizon iPad + MiFi this holiday season?


by George Lim

IM Staff

Your source for all things Apple