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iPad TV Commercial Shows iBooks Pricing, NYT Best Seller Button, My Documents, Smudge/Camera

While I was busy enjoying the subtler UI details, AppleInsider noticed that last night's iPad commercial debut showed what might be some of the pricing inside the new iBooks Store:

The commercial showed Sen. Edward Kennedy's "True Compass: A Memoir" for $14.99, the novel "I, Alex Cross" by James Patterson for $12.99, and "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for $7.99.For comparison, "True Compass" currently sells for $19.25 for the Amazon Kindle, "I, Alex Cross" costs $9.99, and "Three Cups of Tea" costs $7.19.

Whether or not that was final, or merely mocked up pricing for the commercial, remains to be seen.

TUAW also notes a New York Times button at the bottom, presumably to access a special New York Times Bestsellers section of the iBooks Store.


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Lastly, 9to5Mac notes the My Documents button at the top left of of the Pages iWork touch app (good for PC users?). And -- gasp! -- another smudge that's likely still not a camera.


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So, did the iPad commercial do it's job and make anyone more interested in picking up a magical, revolutionary new piece of gear on April 3?

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Ad as in advertisement as in commercial = 1 "d". It's Ad not Add.
  • I want one now
  • I'm all for supporting the authors but wow, $20 for an eBook is way more than I would pay. I have the Nook and prices have stayed pretty low from what I can tell, it's rare to see a book over $10 and those that are tend to be in the $12 range. I don't think it will be immune from the Kindle and iPad price hikes, but for now it is holding steady and I like that.
  • Updated to include some other goodies from the commercial.
  • It is funny that the only part of the video that the "camera smudge" appears in is also the only one where the bezel is not 100% black. It almost looks like the purposely upped the brightness just enough.
    It could be the light sensor for dealing with auto-brightness, but we'll find out in 4 days when the pre-order is up and we see the full, final specs.
    I doubt Apple will announce any new hardware additions AFTER pre-orders start but BEFORE April 3rd.
  • I think as long as Amazon provides (and Apple allows it!!!) an iPad compatible version of their Kindle app, and as long as they maintain Kindle applications on other platforms (Win, Mac, BlackBerry, etc...) that they will be able to ride the tide which ever way it flows. Good for everybody, I say.
    It definitely will not hurt to have multiple booksellers and multiple eReaders on the iDevices. Hopefully Apple doesn't show 'em the CLAMPS!
    (Oh, and Stanza FTW ;-) )
  • I think apple is teasing us with these god damn smudges.. :(
  • I'm in. This is going to be a perfect biz tool for me. The iBook is a bonus for me.
    64 GB 3G version is what I'll order right when presales start for it.
  • Meh, I'll just fertilize and water my iPhone and hope for the best.
  • It really doesn't persuade me, or seem to persuade anyone. It just really shows what it does. I for one, would probably pick one up. But not right now. I think second generation could make it a best-seller. Don't get me wrong.. It is an amazing(not that revolutionary.) Product! No other current tablet can do what it does. Atleast not in the U.S.
  • The lack of a camera is a deal-breaker. This thing is just begging for video chat / Skype, over WiFi it has zero impact on the phone network and the camera itself costs all of $15 as a component. Even the cheapest and smallest netbooks and palm books have them. There is ZERO excuse not to have it, other than the fact that Apple is holding back on features to have things to offer next year.
    It is insulting, and it is completely contrary to their old way of doing things where they went for the absolute best product they could go with from the get-go and then add features. Not intentionally withhold obvious features now so they can add them later and claim to have made improvements to generate new sales. Shame on you Apple.
  • I am neither an Iphone hater or fan boy but I find Arti's comment "they went for the absolute best product they could go with from the get-go and then add features." startled me. Does he remember that the iPhone 2g lacked MMS, video recording, Cut & Paste, 3G radio & multi-tasking. These are all features that every other smart phone three years ago had and several of these features were available on the majority of feature phones. How can this be described as "absolute best product they could go with" with a straight face? Obviously, Apple is saving features to add as the iPad evolves. It is much less expensive to add features during the next few years if they are non-essential technology that has already been developed. Personally, I don't see any compelling reason to buy an iPad in it's current configuration and price point(s) but if good enough gaming and productivity software is written to take advantage of it's advantages over the iPhone then things may change.
  • iFail
  • Why can't they ship world wide on the third it's not fair :@
  • The more I know, the more I'm interested in the iPad and I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it (over here, in The Netherlands). Unfortunately no launch date has been set for our country, so I hope may or june.
    Not sure if I pick a 3G-version because I've already got an iPhone and if I have to pay for another expensive internet service... no thanks.
  • Me encanta tu , pero cuandosabe cuando sale la nuevaversion para el iphone3g Gracias
  • I’ve tried the new updated app and so far I like it. One unfortunate thing however is that if you and your spouse both use the app on two iPhones than you have to purchase two annual traffic subscriptions. I really like the iPod controls in-app and the music fade rather than pause.
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