Did the iPad Look Unfinished Because Apple is Hiding iPhone 4.0 Features?

TiPb mentioned this a couple times in passing -- that the iPad perhaps didn't show things like multitasking and better notifications because it's running iPhone 3.2 and those will be iPhone 4.0 features, likely only to debut in March -- but now Boy Genius seems to think (hope?) this is a real possibility as well.

It would certainly fit with Apple's hyper-secretive modus operandi, and if you remember back to 2007, the original iPhone received additional features (a glass screen, YouTube app) before it shipped. Granted, there's only 2-3 months here and not 6, but would it surprise anyone to see the iPad ship with 3.2, only for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to all see 4.0 beta in March, and general release in June/July?

Rene Ritchie

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