iPad Wi-Fi Available in US on April 3, Pre-Orders March 12, International Late April

Apple has just announced (opens in new tab) that the Wi-Fi iPad models will be available in the US on April 3 with pre-orders beginning March 12 via store.apple.com (opens in new tab), with 3G and international availability following in late April. Says Steve Jobs:

“iPad is something completely new. We’re excited for customers to get their hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

So, you ordering the second it goes online? Camping out? Avoiding completely? Waiting to see

Check out the poll below and tell us your plan!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Y would some one buy a big screen iPhone? While iPhone fits in ur pocket?
  • so when exactly can i preorder my ipad international? i live in germany.
  • People need to stop thinking about it as a large iPhone. Sure it can handle all of the same apps but what about other possibilities. Just think about when we watch movies of the future and the touch screens they use. What types of activities do they do with them? We can start to do some of the same things.
    On the other end you have people that don't know how to or are slow learners at computers. Take my grandmother for example. She has a laptop and barely knows how to use it. She has to worry about constant updates and viruses. She would not have to worry about that if she had an iPad.
  • Other: I'm waiting to see if I win one in the TiPb giveaway ;)
  • Well said Jason. It's time to start using your imagination people.
    When you first got your iPhone, there were no augmented reality apps for example.
  • "Magical" again...lol...Apple stick's to it's talking points better than Fox ;-)
  • I was thinking of getting an ipad until I saw somebody with a Macbook Air at the airport. I've never owned a Mac before, but that thing is just plain awesome. Saving my pennies...
  • @27 inch
    Engadget claims it is available in Germany at the end of April..
  • While i'm getting one...
    I'm really trying to imagine what the heck (Jason) is imagining this could be other than a media/browser/ereader/iphone apps device. Which isn't bad..that's the device i want.
    It needs a computer to sync to. Remember this. And its the main reason why this device would never replace a computer. Your grandmother then has problems if this is her only device. She'll still have to maintain that computer or know how to use it. That's if she wants to spend the money..most nontechies that call me with problems don't want to spend a dime but want things running perfect.
  • Yesterday while I was at the gym working out watching music videos on my iPhone, I did think how an iPad would be so much nicer to look at with its ten inch screen than my iPhones 3.5 inch screen. I could watch a whole movie on an iPad while getting in my two hours of cardio.
  • "...US customers can pre-order both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G models from Apple’s online store (www.apple.com) or reserve a Wi-Fi model to pick up on Saturday, April 3, at an Apple retail store."
    Does this mean we can reserve online and pick up in-store?
  • I'm holding out for the MacPad next year.
  • Still undecided about when, what capacity and 3G or WiFi-only. Ultimately for myself I think I want a 64GB 3G model. But do I get a WiFi-only model in April as an early adopter and then pass that on to someone else in my family once the 3G is available? And if so, do I just get the cheapest 16GB one? Can I afford all this plus a new iPhone this summer? Questions, questions.
  • I'm getting the 3g ipad!!! I don't have to be tide to the hip with AT&T.
  • If I were to get one, it would have to be the 3G version. There's no contract involved, and the resale of the 3G version will be much higher, should you end up not liking it, and want to unload it on ebay or craigslist.
  • It does look REALLY sweet, and yes, I do think this is where computers are headed in the future (not exactly like this but in this general direction, for better or for worse) but I'm waiting for the second (possibly even third, if worst comes to worst) generation. Look what happened with the iPhone 3G. Cheaper, and with a feature missing from the first gen that made the early adopters jealous- 3G. I'm hoping the second gen will have a camera, smaller bezel, native-multitasking, no-AT&T, and maybe even (gasp) USB ports. Plus the jailbreak scene for it will be very well developed.
  • The problem with waiting for the 2nd gen is that you have to wait another year to have one. For something that you're excited about and realizing that there will be some early adopter snafus, it can be worth jumping in at the beginning. But for sure, Apple rev2 products are always a much better value proposition. I still have 2 1st gen iPhones that while we don't use them for phone calls, we still regularly use around the house as media players and quick internet devices. Of course the iPad would replace their use to some extent. Anyway, just a way to say that I have never regretted getting the 1st gen iPhone (I've gotten a new one every year since).
  • I'm waiting till the end of summer, and I want a 64GB 3G version. I want to see what the new iPhone will have to offer, and by then, hopefully, a jailbreak community will have developed. But... I'll be buying a 16GB non-3G version for me mum as soon as they are available.
  • Someone above said to stop looking at this as an oversized iPhone. Well how is it possible to do so when the only difference is the size and minor other things? Who wants to bring a 10 inch giant screen to hold while they work out or do cardio haha. That would be the most foolish thing to see. I'm sorry but Apple dropped the ball on two things here: 1) the horrendous name and 2) not putting OS X on this device to make it its own computer so you dont have to sync stuff all the time.
  • iPad will be available in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G models in late April in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. International pricing will be announced in April. iPad will ship in additional countries later this year.
    So we in UK STILL don't even know how much we have got to pay !!!!!! NOT HAPPY :-(
    bloody delays ...... Pa humbug
  • There is more than enough room on the machine to rest an iPad while you watch video on it.
  • I'm pre -ordering but I wish I could have pre-order thru Best Buy. I really like Best Buy's Warranty they've always been good to me. I don't want to wait because I'm predicting this will sell out thru pre-orders.
  • @Brian, who holds anything in their hands while they use cardio machines? (Aside from picking up your water bottle and towel to wipe off the sweat.) It will fit on the magazine rest, same as my iPhone does now only its screen will be much easier to see and interact with. That's one of many uses I'm looking forward to trying out with the iPad.
  • Only way I'd get one is if I win one.
  • I'm getting one :P
  • I'm not getting one. If I'm going to shell out that kind of money, I might as well buy the fourth-generation iPhone. Now that I'm excited about!
  • @Sadie I agree with you. Bring on the iPhone 4th Gen!
  • The iPad would never justify itself as a 'magical' device as long it runs the iPhone OS.
    Tell me one function of the iPad that I cannot perform on my iPhone already.
    Plus it would be a difficult device to carry around. It's too big to hold conveniently.
    I seriously doubt this product would attract anyone other than the Apple fanboys.
    And this comes from someone who camped for the first iPhone and all the subsequent generations. iPhone chnaged the way I live. But I'm sorry I don't see the iPad changing anything.
  • I'm glad I was one of the first with an iPhone, it felt like the start of something big. I get the same feeling about the iPad, so I'll be first in line.
  • Curious, but no. Like others here, I am excited to purchase the next iteration of the iPhone to replace an aging 3G, but nothing I have seen about the iPad gets me fired up to go and buy one -- yet.
  • No flash is a show stopper for me. I won't be able to view movies via amazon.com or watch shows on Hulu. That's a bummer and won't purchase until this is resolved. I'm waiting to see if I could stream netflix movies too. I have MacBook that can do all those things so the iPad has some limitations.
  • It would be so cool if us Europeans could tether the iPad using our iPhone tethering plans, but that doesn't appear to be what Apple wants unless I'm mistaken.
    Thinking of getting American relatives to buy a wifi one and send or bring it over to Ireland! I want one yesterday lol!
  • My dad (and to a degree, my older sister) is technophobic. And his eyesight is kind of crappy. Keeping track of a cursor and ALL the menus are unnecessarily confusing to him. Overlapping windows are probably similar. ADD to that the problems getting broadband in his area and you have a challenged user, pure and simple.
    Here comes a device where the obvious user pivot point is the Home button, every function is single finger gesture. There is a single easy to grasp icon called Email. I doubt like heck, except maybe with font size issues and setup that I will have to help him use it, or even instruct him to use it. The 3G iPad comes with its own broadband, and since he is already an AT&T landline and cell customer fits right in.
    He probably won't need much help discovering apps and installing them directly from the iPad. He won't need alot of extra geeky stuff, maybe a IM application and facebook, and some other doodads that wont take up more than one screen on the Springboard.
    He really won't need to sync, since everything he uses is in the cloud anyway.
    He is not a fanboy. And yet I guarantee he will use this device like he has never used a computer before, and that is why I am buying him one right away. I am sorry my mom isn't with us, she would have freaked out (then again she wanted my 2G iPhone, so it makes sense ;-) ) Aside from us techno-savvy and geek-opinioned folks, the iPad could be the computer 'for the rest of us' FOR the rest of us.
    For the general populace, I doubt it will take long for people to get to a killer-app stage. It may not be for everybody but it will find uses both handy and clever.
    Yes there are a few holes, but 'syncing with a computer' could be obviated by a self-contained Time Machine drive or dock for iPad, were Apple to introduce one. There are many other ideas like this that could spawn from in kind, I sincerely believe it has legs.
    Just give it time.
  • I'll be buying one on day one. This thing is going to be awesome.
    I'm suprised at how few of you can see the potential of this device. Shocked actually.
  • @SheiknetChris
    I'm with you mate. Me mum is not tech savvy nor will she ever be, or want to be. She has this old Dell PC from like 2003 that she uses cause, well, she knows how to use it. I tried to buy her a MacBook but I know she wouldn't use it. Yet, out of the blue, she asked me about the iPad when it was on the telly. I think this maybe big with older people who just want something simple, that works.
  • Ray: I know what you mean. My older sister is not very old, but she has avoided computing her 40 years. Yet she made a point to call me and ask me about the iPad the day it hit the news outlets. I think some of those people will overcome their techno-shyness and walk into an Apple Store and ask about it directly.
  • I'm waiting to get my hand on one in the store first. I want to see how it will stream over my network. Will it stream from my iTunes library using home sharing or will I have to use a App for that. I will mainly use for emails and surfing the web, None of the info I've read has given me the full potential of the OS on what I can do over wi-fi with it. Does anyone know where I can find more info? BUT I am for sure getting the wi-fi one ASAP.
  • Gabriel: what you are saying is a good idea, but (unless I am mistaken) the only Apple products that streams data from your iTunes Library over wifi is the Apple TV and AirPort Express.
    Now I would totally like to do the same thing but I do not think that exists on iPhone/iPad/touch at this time. Makes sense though.
  • there are a couple of apps that allow you to stream media to your iphone (and should be fine on the ipad) like Orb or TVersity.
    the main issue for me and what will be preventing me from getting one is I HATE that you have to convert all your videos to mp4, its such a pain, everything I download is either AVI or MKV and I wish they would just allow you to play any media file you want.
    I take the train everyday to and from work and would love to get one of these to watch my videos on but refuse to convert everything I download to mp4 first.
    so unfortunately i will be going with an Archos 7, already tried the Archos 5 and it was a great product (let me play anything) but I would love to be able to use some of my current apps on the iPad (like Slingplayer or LogMeIn).
  • Well, well, well, look how those comments compare with the initial reaction when Ipad was announced just a few weeks ago. As explained back then, we should all get our hands on one before judging, but I replayed the Ipad video on the Apple Website again today and was pretty convinced, so was the stockmarket BTW.
    What's also important for international customers : think of why you would buy a 3G version... Prices for 3G roaming are still very unaffordable, so you would use the Ipad mostly at home or on a Wifi hotspot. For national use, I'd rather get a MIFI-type device or a smartphone that I can then also use for my Ipod Touch. Unless tethering works on the 3G Ipad and it can become a Wifi hotspot all by itself, this would justify the extra 130$.
  • Bloody yanks get it first, that's really unfair
  • That piece of junk didn't even have wifi. Bravo Apple. You suck!!! I don't understand how apple can come up with a pice of junk and have such a big impact on media.
  • Will the iPad be for sale at 12:01 am on the morning of the 12th, or at just some random time on the 12th? How has Apple handled other presales?