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Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper The Daily delayed.

News Corp.'s iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, has reportedly been delayed. The Daily is digital, iPad-only newspaper from Rupert Murdoch, which downloads a new edition every morning, like a regular newspaper. Recent rumours had said that 'The Daily' would be revealed on January 19th at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with both Murdoch and Steve Jobs in attendance, however, new sources state that both Apple and News Corp. have made the decision to delay the launch by "weeks, not months".

The problem lies within Apple's new subscription service, which uses iTunes to bill subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis, and sync the new edition everyday.

A PR representative from News Corp. has confirmed the delay, however Apple has refused to comment.

Is anyone excited for "The Daily" newspaper? Anyone have any apps that they would like to see this NEW subscription service in?

[All Things Digital]

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  • Yawn.
  • does that mean iOS 4.3 will also be delayed weeks, not months?
  • I probably won't subscribe but I am excited to see the first editions come out and I will probably read it at least once. The abundance of free news sites will probably limit the subscriber base for this periodical, but this is the direction that all written word needs to go and for that, I am excited.
  • I try to give Rupert Murdoch as less money as I possibly can. And I definitely don't want to read anything considered NEWS from him. #fail
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  • -1
  • How can you get your opinion out of Rupert Murdoch's entities? He is not even an American. He is just after your money. How can you trust someone who is, since birth and for the most part of his life, a citizen of another country. He was naturalized only in the 80s. And so his main goal is to get governments bow before him and capitalize on conservative pools while still enriching his bank accounts.
  • x1
  • And George Soros isn't trying to do the same? This guy funds many left-winged groups associated with the dim-o-crap party. He's collapsed the economies of many smaller countries around the world with his money and influence. I've even heard the audio of him bragging about it.
  • Are you kidding me? Is it free speech as long as it's your opinion? Crawl out from under your rock it's 2011, we are all mature enough to hear every side of every issue.
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  • "How can you trust someone who is, since birth and for the most part of his life, a citizen of another country"
    How xenophobic are you?!? I'm not defending Murdoch but comments like yours make me want to.
  • I am just can someone announce that something is delayed when it hasn't even been announced yet?? Just because various sites are "claiming" it is suppose to come out doesn't mean it is delayed....
  • The far bigger news out of this is that Apple has changed the rules on magazines, refusing to allow them to offer the ipad editions to print subscriber free of charge:
    Like quite a few tipb posters, I subscribe to the Economist, and read the ipad version or the dead tree version depending on which is more convenient. With this change, the Economist can no longer mentht ipad version as a subscriber perq - even though they want to. Instead, I will
    have to set up and purchase a separate subscription mediated through iTunes. Apple, not the Economist, would control the subscriber data, soothe magazine would not even know full details of their own customers.
    I, as the customer, get increased prices and less convenience. The Economist, as my provider, gets less information about their customers. And Apple benefits at both our expenses. This is as brazen as any power grab people accuse of Google, and I'm not sure why I still get disappointed when Apple pulls this sort of midstream, unfair, self-serving crap, but I do.
    Sensible publications will make their magazines HTML5 with offline databases, instead of elegant apps like the Economist. Way to get greedy and kill the iOS app as a magazine format, Apple!
  • I wonder if the Daily will be "Fair and Balanced" like Faux News?
  • +111111111111111111111111111111!
  • Like
  • Give me a break. Probably just as fair and balanced as MSNBC is. Get a clue
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  • Faux News is Opinion Journalism masquerading as news.
  • You want fair and balanced in today's media world, read all of the varying opionions of the "NEWS" and formulate your own.
  • I am sure that your news sources are unbiased, like the NYT, Washington Post, Time Magazine. You know the ones who admitted after the last presidential election that they gave Obama significantly more coverage in a more favorable slant and that yes it seems they were biased. Criticisms like yours just show how uninformed and biased you are. If you look and watch the actual news reports, it is the most unbiased of the major news sources. The commentary and talk shows are definitely neo-conservative with a few real conservatives slipping in. Fox is at least upfront and honest about it. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC will not admit that they have a very liberal biased. So I prefer those who are upfront and honest about their positions instead of those who do not admit their bias or claim that they have no position or opinion yet their reports, comments and show are clearly bias. Take a chill sit back and breath in the truth, I know new concept for you all.
  • Thanks for telling me that the press is not to be trusted, that you know the "truth". I think you may be watching a little too much Beck and Hannity.
  • No. He's calling you out for the hypocritical fool that you are if you think Fox is the only biased news channel. It is just that Fox is the only one biased towards the Right, while the rest bow down kiss the Dems and Obama's feet, all the while towing the Dem agenda.
  • Jack this article is about The Daily which is owned by Murdoch, who owns Fox News. The Daily isnt owned by MSNBC, NYT or any other "liberal" news outlet.
    I have never said or insinuated otherwise that other news outlets dont have some kinda of biased. You are making an assumption.
    Again... The Daily>Murdoch>Fox News Thats the subject.
    I think your partisan slip is showing.
  • Partisan slip? Actually, when people whine about Fox News (or as you and other hypocritical Libs such as yourself often call it, "Faux News") that is where the partisanship is showing. Irregardless, who cares if I'm partisan or not. As long as I consider ALL sources, and am not hypocritical as you have been.
  • How do you know I dont have criticisms of MSNBC, ABC, CNN etc etc ??? ... oh wait, they are not the ones producing the Daily, Murdoch is... and this is the scope of my criticism. Had the previous mentioned news outlets produced "The Daily" I would have my criticisms of them as well. You are assuming ... and incorrectly. Fox News is a very opinionated news outlet, who's owner is producing The Daily.
    I guess its hard to explain to someone who uses the term irregardless.
  • Yea I'm not very interested. Lame
  • I would be excited if it wasn't a Murdoch rag-sheet.
  • One thing I've learned about the software industry: it's better to be late with a good product than to ship on time with a bad product. If you're late, people might complain a little. But if you ship before your product is fully debugged, they'll hate you.
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  • Since this requires syncing daily with iTunes, forget it.
  • I read the title a little too fast and thought the app was called "The Daily Delayed". I think that name seems fit!
  • I'll take a look and see what it's like but doubt I'll subscribe.
  • Wo hoow, looks like the image for that "The daily coming soon" was captured with iPhone 4's camera with its blue tint bug.. :D
  • I am actually a little bummed by the news of this. I'm looking forward to what is type of service can bring to the iPad in the future. Delivery serivice via push sounds very good to me. Granted I hate the new iTunes pricing structure they are implementing to the companies.
    We'll see what it leads too.
  • I likely will subscribe, only because it's the first made-for-the-iPad publication. I hope it will open some doors for the future. So far I'm not that impressed with what the publishers are offering. Of course, Apple's limitations and refusal to allow subscriptions to this point have severely limited the resources publishers can put into development.
  • Have you tried the app press reader, it has monthly subscriptions and 100's of papers available.
    Still has the newspaper feel.
    If they can combine this with a preferred topic list and paper selection list, we could each have our own papers individually each morning ready for us :)
    - the only things is we will miss the odd goofy article we all read when flipping the paper...