Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper The Daily delayed.

News Corp.'s iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, has reportedly been delayed. The Daily is digital, iPad-only newspaper from Rupert Murdoch, which downloads a new edition every morning, like a regular newspaper. Recent rumours had said that 'The Daily' would be revealed on January 19th at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with both Murdoch and Steve Jobs in attendance, however, new sources state that both Apple and News Corp. have made the decision to delay the launch by "weeks, not months".

The problem lies within Apple's new subscription service, which uses iTunes to bill subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis, and sync the new edition everyday.

A PR representative from News Corp. has confirmed the delay, however Apple has refused to comment.

Is anyone excited for "The Daily" newspaper? Anyone have any apps that they would like to see this NEW subscription service in?

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