iPhone 6 launch was Apple's biggest launch ever

During today's iPad/Mac event, CEO Tim Cook kicked things off right by noting that — unsurprisingly — the iPhone 6 launch was Apple's best yet. It set a new record for the first month in sales, and is the fastest selling iPhone to date. By the end of this week, the iPhone 6 will be available in 32 countries including China — marking the first time the iPhone is available on all three Chinese networks.

The iPhone 6 also set a new record for pre-orders in China, and beat all kinds of records across the globe. In the words of Tim Cook, "I don't mean by a little, I by mean a lot. A whole lot."

Check out more from our liveblog at today's event.

Adam Zeis
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  • No numbers to back up the greatest 30 day claim. We'll have to take Cook's word for it.
  • They will release them soon don't worry, this is not an event to release numbers
  • Yup. Apple makes official announcements instead of claiming millions of devices sold when in reality they end up sitting in warehouses. Unsold.
    The numbers will be available. In the proper context. Not unsubstantiated off the cuff grandiose claims.
  • Ok? Sent from the iMore App
  • The iPhone launches in India today and China took preorders. I find it most likely that Apple will give official numbers in the proper context. And yes, going by what I've been reading in news sources, I've got no reason to doubt Cook's statement.