Why did I choose the iPhone Golla Bags for iPhone [$19.99 - iMore Store link] for my first TiPb accessory review? Well, I have tried a wide variety of cases. Being active, I need a case that can withstand life's little brutalities (includes being dropped, kicked, drooled on by a baby, or just plain surviving a day in my purse). So, when choosing my first review item the question that came to mind was: which iPhone case would Sarah Conner use?

Well, she would probably have a triple-lined Kevlar pouch with extra ammo clips, but if she was stuck with stock, I think she -- like me -- would go for the iPhone Golla Bag. Here's why...

These soft, padded pouches come in a variety of colors and designs, from flowery pink to camouflage chic and so can blend in with whatever you are wearing, and are affordable enough that you can justify getting a few and keeping them around to mix and match.

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On the less fashion, more function side, Golla pouches allow for easy access for your phone in any situation. Small enough to fit into your purse, convenient enough to attach to a belt loop via the carabineer (D ring), and flexible enough to offer a strap and a lanyard (for those who, like me, have no clue what that is, it is a looping rope with a spring clip), you have all the carry options you'll need.

In the heat of battle your Golla Bag may be subjected to various terrains and elements, and luckily the Golla pouches are easy to clean. Most stains will come out with a wet cloth, and that includes blood, dirt or anything else you may encounter (just short of Judgment Day).

The inside of the pouch is soft and will protect the phone from scratches, though it comes at the price of having to take the phone out of the pouch each time you need to use it. There are two strips of Velcro on the front of the bags which keep the iphone secure so you don’t have to worry about it becoming unattached and having the phone fall out. The pockets are great in that you can go jogging and bring your phone and have space for some cash and keys.

If you are like me and lose your iPhone ear buds and accessories all the time, the Golla pouch has two extra pockets in order to keep all of your iPhone items in one place when you need them. The side pouch has a zipper for extra security.

Though I love the D-ring for its versatility. The downside to using the D ring is that I worry about getting my precious iPhone caught on something as it dangles. (I also managed to damaged the D-ring on one of the cases during my first week of testing -- don't ask).

Overall Golla bags are a fun versatile pouch that is affordable and comes in a wide variety of looks. Not yet tested against the T-1000.

The iPhone Golla bags were provided for review by TiPb's iPhone accessory store.

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