The iPhone 15 Pro Max weight is the killer feature of this year's lineup (no, really...)

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iPHONE 15: What you need to know

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's weight difference compared to the 14 Pro Max is the standout announcement from Apple's "Wonderlust" event. You might think I'm talking nonsense, but really, Apple's decision to opt for new materials in the Pro iPhones is a move that we've needed for years and quite possibly the biggest change to the iPhone since the iPhone X six years ago.

If you listen to the iMore Show or have read my previous articles about how uncomfortable I find the iPhone 14 Pro, this revelation will come as no surprise. I've been talking about how much I hate the weight and squared-off edges of the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 Pro for nearly three years, and quite honestly, my girlfriend is sick of hearing it. So, if anything, Apple's decision to make the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max lighter has not only saved my hands but my relationship as well.

Still not convinced? Here's why the iPhone 15 Pro Max's weight is the killer feature of this year's iPhone lineup.

My poor poor hands rejoice

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Stainless steel is gorgeous. I love the way it looks on an Apple Watch, and it oozes class that very few other robust materials do. That said, the stainless steel on every iPhone since the iPhone X has been a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate the way it scratches, I hate the way it gets fingerprints, I hate the way it dents, and most of all, I hate how heavy it feels. Ever since I bought the iPhone 12 Pro, I've dreamed of a day when Apple returns to an aluminum chassis and reduces the weight of the Pro devices.

I've also opted for the smaller 6.1-inch Pro every year, as I know that my hands would cramp up even at the thought of holding the Pro Max. It's been a problem I've come to accept because, quite frankly, I never thought Apple would change. It's a combination of weight and sharpness of corners that makes the current iPhone Pro lineup almost unusable for me (you think I'm overreacting, but I swear I'm not). 

Last month I used a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for a week, and despite the huge size and similar weight to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it never hurt my hands, and the big screen felt like I had finally understood why people love massive smartphones. The reason that the phone worked for me is because the weight was counterbalanced by rounded edges, so I didn't get that sharp pain in the middle of my hands. 

Fast forward to today, I'm sitting working on the Apple event, and Apple openly refers to the regular iPhone 15 as having "A new contoured edge on the aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure feels even nicer in users’ hands," just the fact that Apple addressed comfort already had my ears perked.

Then, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max were revealed, and the new grade 5 titanium chassis was described as "strong and lightweight," making the new Pro models "Apple's lightest Pro lineup ever."

I lay back in my chair, wiped the tear from my eye, and sighed a sigh of relief. Finally, Apple had answered my prayers.

Lighter, but how much lighter?


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The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max weigh 206 and 240 grams, respectively, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max weigh 187 grams and 221 grams. That doesn't sound like a major difference, especially considering that both devices are still heavier than their iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus counterparts. But, it will make a difference in hand, not just because both Pro models are roughly 10% lighter compared to last year, but because they now have rounded edges.

Honestly, this is a bigger deal than I can even fathom to put into words at the end of a long day covering Apple's latest hardware. But for anyone like me who has been forced to opt for smaller devices due to Apple's lack of ergonomics, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not only going to be a more comfortable phone in hand but a far bigger upgrade than any new chip, camera system, or charging port would ever be.

Rarely do I get overexcited by a product announcement, so trust me when I say the standout feature of this year's iPhone 15 lineup is something far more exciting than any new internal hardware improvement could ever be. It's the opportunity for many users to finally get the best that Apple has to offer without the Carpal tunnel to match.

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