iPod nano watch

There are some alleged 7th-generation iPod nano prototypes floating around the internet that show it just might be getting a camera this fall, something the 5th generation had but the current iPod nano lacks. Aside from Apple having to modify the clip so as not to interfere with the camera, is this really something we want?

What I'd much rather see is an alleged prototype floating around that shows a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC or some other type of short-range radio. Because I don't want my iPod nano to be just another crappy camera (looking at you iPod touch and iPad 2!) -- I want it to be a really smart watch.

We've been talking about this since the current nano launched and Steve Jobs "joked" that an Apple board member wanted to wear it as a watch. I did too. So did many others. It's create a whole cottage industry of iPod nano watch band adapters and accessories. But really the current nano isn't optimized for the job. It's not finished.

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If it had Bluetooth we wouldn't have to use wired headsets (especially the hateful Apple earbuds). Sure, we'd lose FM radio (the wire serves as the antenna) but we'd also lose a cable running up our arm as well. More than that, we'd gain the ability for a nano watch to interface with our iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Instead of reaching into my purse or pocket every time I get a text message, event reminder or notification, I could just glance at my iPod nano smart watch, which seamlessly received the transmission and echoed it from my iPhone. And once the connectivity is there, who knows what else Apple -- and developers! -- could come up with.

One day I fully expect my iPhone and iPad to seamlessly integrate with my entertainment center, my fridge, my car -- my entire home and life. Things like Apple TV and AirPlay, and the accessory program started with iOS 3 show bits and pieces of what needs to be a cleaner, more organized, more well rounded solution.

Google is hard at work on this, and HP has shown off notification transfer on webOS, so Apple can't afford to fall behind. Maybe the iOS 5 preview at WWDC this June will give us some hints?

In this context, an iPod nano smart watch is just another bit or piece in the puzzle, but darn if it isn't one I want this year!

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