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iTribute [Sunday Fun Video]

The folks at Timeflies have made a unique tribute to the late Steve Jobs for one of their Tuesday songs.

All of this was shot on an iPad 2 and edited using iMovie, recorded, mixed, and mastered on an iMac. The beat was made using samples from OSX and iOS - everything on a Tuesday.

Check it out, below.

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  • Just awesome...
  • That was brilliant.
  • Superb! A fitting tribute to da man Steve Jobs!!! RIP Steve
  • Got to say that was excellent. I wasn't sure it was going to work but the lyrics are really well thought through.
  • Timeflies got that Linkin Park, Maroon 5 feel and vibe going on. Nicely done and a great tribute to a Great Man.
  • This is awesome. Definitely we will miss Steve. This is a great tribute to the greatest genius of our time.
  • Thank's folks for this great clip, made me a little teary
  • Like the song, he's cute, is it on iTunes?
  • Ok thanks
  • That was awesome!
  • go to youtube page and you can download a mp3 and use one of million was to crop and convert
  • Wooooord.
  • Dance choreography shot with a iPhone 4S to this would be bomb :)
  • check this out :
  • check this out :
  • Love it too !
  • Awesome tune.
  • Ridiculously awesome. I love the "one last thing" breaks in this lol.
  • That was awesome! Thanks for the video and thank you Steve.
  • The video is an outstanding production and a must for the Apple Gang...Windows users should also watch to see just what they are missing!
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!that was great.