iTunes Store: Ultimate guide

iTunes on iPad
iTunes on iPad (Image credit: iMore)

The iTunes Store app is your one-stop media shop on every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With it, you can buy any song or album in Apple's catalog, rent or purchase movies new and old, get episodes or season passes for your favorite TV shows, download ringtones, and more. It's built right in, it works with Apple's Videos and Music apps, and it syncs with Apple TV and iTunes on the Mac or Windows PC. If buying media is your thing, the iTunes Store app makes it easy to get whatever you want, even when you're on the go.

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How to download music, movies, TV shows, and ringtone from the iTunes Store on iPhone and iPad

CDs and Blu-Rays still exist, but many of us now get our content in digital form from the iTunes Store. There's still something about owning atoms that has a lot of appeal, but carrying around thousands of songs or videos in bit form is much, much easier. And if you forget a favorite, you don't have to travel home to get it, you can simply rewind and hit play at any time.

How to share and save content on the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes you see music, movies, or TV shows on the iTunes Store that you know you have to have now. So you hit the buy button and you're done. Other times you want to learn more about them, find related content, add them to your wish list so you can come back later, or simply send them on to a friend or family member. Well, the iTunes Store app makes all of that easy, and more!

How to gift and redeem content on the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad

Sure, buying yourself some new music, movies, or TV shows is good. But redeeming a gift card and getting them for free is better. Okay, fine, maybe gifting them to someone else is the best. Either, way, you can do both with the iTunes Store app on iPhone and iPad. You can even check your balance and change your payment options on the go!

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