Jawbone to begin shipping UP3 on April 20, revises water resistance expectations

Though the UP3 was originally announced in November of last year, pre-order customers have been left waiting several months for the fitness tracker to ship. In a blog post today, Jawbone explained that the delay was mainly caused by issues with achieving consistent water resistance levels during manufacturing. From Jawbone:

When we announced UP3 late last year we were confident we would start mass production of the device and begin shipping within a few weeks of the announcement. However, as we began to scale our manufacturing process it became clear that, while most units passed our high quality bar, a proportion did not. Specifically, we were not achieving the level of water resistance we had passed in the design and initial production stages.

Jawbone goes on to state that its initial goal was to ship the UP3 with water resistance of up to 10 meters. However, due to the aforementioned difficulties in achieving consistent results during the manufacturing process, they've had to dial those expectations back. Instead, the UP3 will be splash resistant like most other fitness trackers, but won't be suitable for use while swimming or submerged under water.

If you're looking to snag an UP3, the tracker is available for pre-order $180 from Jawbones website{.nofollow}. However, as Jawbone notes, pre-orders will be filled in the order that they were placed, so any orders placed from today going forward will be shipped after previous pre-orders have been filled.

Source: Jawbone{.nofollow}; Via: SlashGear

Dan Thorp-Lancaster