Jawbone's $180 Up3 is its most advanced fitness tracker yet

Jawbone announced its third-generation fitness tracker today, the Up3. The activity tracker builds on the features introduced in the Up24, and takes it a step further by including a heart rate sensor that Jawbone claims is the most accurate available on a wearable device today. Also included are a host of new sensors and a new Smart Coach platform that offers recommendations based on your daily activity.

The major change with Up3 is the use of bioimpedance technology to measure heart rate. Jawbone mentions that by using this technology, it is able to get the most accurate heart rate readings constantly while drawing significantly less battery life, with the up3 claimed to deliver a seven day battery life on a full charge.

Heart rate is not just measured on a consistent basis, but is broken down into three categories — heart rate during activity, resting heart rate and heart rate throughout the day — through which you will be able to gauge your heart health. The technology also allows Jawbone to measure your respiration rate and galvanic skin response, which will be enabled through an OTA update next year.

The Up3 also comes with advanced activity and sleep tracking features, which include the ability to automatically detect your workout type, and monitor sleep activity on four levels: awake, light, REM and deep sleep. The device is waterproof up to 10m, and will be able to detect various aquatic-based activities automatically as well.

Jawbone will track all the data and offer personalized insights and guidance via its Smart Coach platform. The vendor is making the platform and all user data open sourced, which means that it will work on competing platforms like Google Fit, Microsoft Health, Apple HealthKit and Pebble.

The design of the wearable has also received a facelift, with Jawbone once again looking to Yves Behar to craft the exterior of the activity tracker. The tracker now comes in a one-size-fits-all design that features a central housing surrounded by a flexible band. There will be several bands and color variants to choose from. There are sensors on the band as well, meaning that even if you don't wear the band snug against your wrist, it will be able to track your activity. To see the process involved behind the design of the wearable, head over to Jawbone's blog{.nofollow} for all the details.

The Up3 will be available in black for $180 later this year, with other color variants set to launch later next year.

Source: Jawbone{.nofollow}

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