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Apple's Steve Jobs took the stage immediately today as part of the iPad 2 event with 15 million sold and 90% market share. That's more than every tablet PC ever sold.

Jobs said it "flummoxed" competitors. While some made fun of Jobs calling iPad magical, and others complained about the price, Jobs said to "ask our competitors now". (Referring to the difficulty in matching iPad's price point.)

Jobs showed off 65,000 apps for iPad and 100 -- and they were being generous, he says -- for Android 3.0 Honeycomb and then went into a video of Apple execs, users, educators, professionals, and others proclaiming 2010 the year of the iPad.

As a final shot, Jobs asked if 2011 would be the year of the

With more Honeycomb tablets, HP's TouchPad, and RIM's Playbook all on their way it will be interesting to see how Apple's iPad 2 holds up in 2011.