There were a couple of Group FaceTime rumors swirling around after WWDC 2018, but now it appears that the feature won't be available for the public release of iOS 12.

And some people are reasonably bummed about it!


Just read that Group FaceTime won't be released at the time of iOS 12's official public release. Definitely a downer for me as that's the only feature that really excites me with iOS 12. Hopefully we won't be waiting terribly long for it.


Messages In iCloud 2.0 AirPlay 2 2.0 Take your pick lol


But what do you think?

Join the discussion today! (Just not on Group FaceTime, Apparently...)

Hop on into the iMore forums and let us know what you think about saying bye to the idea of Group FaceTime (for now, anyways...) Is there maybe another feature you'd like to see that didn't make the cut?

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