Jony Ive makes solid gold EarPods for Project (RED)

Apple has collaborated for years with U2 frontman Bono for his Project (RED) charity, focused on the fight against AIDS. The latest example of that is collaboration between Apple's senior vice president of design Jony Ive and famed industrial designer Marc Newson, according to MacRumors.

Ive and Newson have customized a number of high-end luxury items like a Steinway & Sons grand piano, a bottle of '66 Dom Perignon with a custom label and a set of solid rose gold Apple EarPods.

Newson and Ive also designed a couple of one-off products for the collection - a Leica Digital Rangefinder camera and an aluminum (or, since this is an Ive production, perhaps we should say aluminium) desk.

The charity auction for these items will be held in late November by Sotheby's New York.

Source: MacRumors

  • I thought (RED) stuff was supposed to be red?
  • Hence the rose gold color. A splash of red is enough to pass.
  • Would be a bit heavy for the ears I think!
  • They probably cost many times more in R&D and production than they'll draw at auction or via retail. (You have to use contact cement to keep these in your ears...assuming you're willing to risk getting mugged)
    Apple should have just calculated that cost and cut a cheque directly to charity.
  • Burnaby's post gets the WTF...
  • Okay, I try and write in "Retardese" so you can understand.
    These are one-offs. There's no magic button on the regular earpod injection molding machine to switch from plastic to "Rose Gold". So they had to be custom engineered and manufactured. This requires materials research, manufacture of moulds, casting, hand assembly and finishing. More time and money than obviously you have a clue about.
    Also, they're polished is dense (kinda like you) has much greater mass than plastic. The added weight and lack of surface friction will make them all the more prone to simply dropping out of the ears.
    Sure, it's unlikely anyone will actually use these, but then again rich people go out wearing $100,000 Tourbillons. And they get mugged for them from time to time.
    Is that clearer for you??
  • I understand speaking in your native language makes it easier for you but stop embarrassing yourself. Clearly you have no clue how economics functions at that level. Sotheby's should have been your first clue. These will be a tax write off and put in a case, or trust fund kid will lose them and not care. The name calling is another clue about you, pretty boring actually.
  • I don't feel remotely embarrassed.
    And since I'm in the art business and have been involved in Sotheby's auctions on two occasions, I understand the a little of the nature of that world.
    My original point was that there is likely insufficient cachet in a pair of earpods being made of a precious metal to draw an auction sale price that would be greater than the cost of production. So in that sense, the charity would benefit more if they were simply presented a cheque before they were made. Or if they simply donated a pair of earbuds once owned by Steve Jobs. Then the charity would benefit and Apple wouldn't have to forgo their promotional gains.
    The condescension in my last post was purely in response to you.
    Instead of responding to my post with a question about what I was talking about or putting forth countering points, you only made a judgmental comment dismissing my opinions with abbreviated profanity.
    You received back exactly the vile response that you put forth, and demonstrated a character that actually is cause for embarrassment.
  • Thanks for the good laugh, the rest of your comment is what it is. Sorry Mr Ive, Bono, Project Red can't benefit from your vast knowledge, I'm sure they are diminished by that. Again WTF
  • But then someone wouldn't get solid gold earpods. :(
  • I assume they have the same 20 cent speakers inside as the stock earpods. Way to go, rich people...
  • dude the money goes to help HIV...
  • Why do you want to help HIV?
  • If I had an ungodly amount of cash laying around and I wanted to help people, I would do so. I wouldn't wait for an auction on anything.
    Bottom line: people who truly want to help those in need have done so already. People who will bid on the earpods are more interested in the earpods.
  • I'm hoping that there will be some next-gen Apple Wireless EarPods soon. But no, they probably won't be red just for project RED. I think the light gray + white color scheme is too important for branding. Make a red anodized iPhone 5S (RED) instead, Apple. And, incidentally, I think Apple absolutely must release wireless earbuds of some kind before the "iWatch" is released. I don't think "iWatch" will be usable unless there is heavy Siri integration plus deep non-verbal gesture recognition. Nodding and shaking head for "yes" and "no", twisting the wrist to scroll up/down on the display, and maybe even something even more advanced. Like detecting how many fingers you're holding out, or detecting hand gestures, all by sensing electrical signals from your nerves. But I digress.
  • Wooooo man those are nice but will not buy Sent from the iMore App
  • Only one pair was made for for the auction so your safe.