Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit now available in Apple Stores

Kano's Harry Potter Coding Kit is now available in select Apple Stores in the U.S., UK, Australia, and New Zealand and on Apple's website. The kit comes with a wand, two AAA batteries, an instruction booklet, a button, stickers, and a poster.

Once assembled, you can use the Kano wand with Kano's app on your iPad or Mac to learn to code in a fun and engaging way. Swish and flick your way through more than 70 challenges that will teach the principles of coding, for instance, by letting you set what happens to on-screen objects when you move the wand in a particular way.

Some Apple Stores will be offering interactive demonstrations with the wands from December through the end of January. The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is available for $99.99.

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