Keep your beard trim with the Braun Series 7 electric razor on sale for $140

Did you participate in No Shave November? Are you a Bengals fan who was refusing shave until they got a win? Maybe you're just growing out a winter beard. Whatever your reasons for growing that unkempt mass of hair on your face, it's time to trim that baby down! The Braun Series 7 865cc rechargeable electric razor for men is down to $139.94 on Amazon. This electric razor normally sells for around $200. It did drop to about $175 near the beginning of November, but today's price drop is the lowest we have seen in well more than a year.


Braun Series 7 865cc rechargeable electric razor for men

Comes with a Clean & Charge station and a carrying case. Has four synchronized shaving elements and can shave in one stroke even on a 3-day beard. Sonic tech helps get those hard to reach hairs. Adjust the shaver for sensitivity with a button push.

The razor comes with a Clean & Charge station that will recharge the battery while cleaning the razor head at the same time. It also has a carrying case so you can take your new razor on the road and still maintain that trim. Also, since the shaver is designed to be used either wet or dry, it is water resistant for up to five meters.

You'll get four synchronized shaving elements that help you clear all that stubble off your face in one stroke. It can work even on a beard that's been growing for several days, although you Bengals fans are probably going to have some trouble. The sonic technology in the razor uses 10,000 microvibrations to raise and capture the tougher hairs.

There is also an autosensing motor that enables shaving the denser beards with better efficiency. You have five different modes for sensitivity. You can adjust it for more power in Turbo mode or more gentleness with just the push of a button. Every shave should be comfortable, and you have the power to change it when it's not.

This is a very popular razor. It has 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 829 reviews.

John Levite

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