Landscape dock port, smart bezel for iPad [patent watch]

Some Apple patents were made public this weekend giving possible hints at the the future of the iPad, include a landscape dock port and "smart-bezel".

The first one shows a second 30-pin dock connector on the left side for landscape docking. I'm sure this will make the keyboard dock and bluetooth keyboards even easier to use with some apps.

The second patent is for something called "Smart Bezel" which isnt really described well but by the pictures it looks like you touch a part of the bezel and and you can assign that part to a particular action.

Neither of these are bold re-designs, but are they features you want to see in a refresh? Oh, and let us know if you think that's a front-facing camera in the smart-bezel illustration after the break, or just the ambient light sensor...

[Patently Apple via 9to5mac]

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