Largest U.S. newspaper publisher buys thousands of iPad 2s, iPhone 4S

The largest newspaper publisher in the United States has ordered "thousands" of iPad 2s and iPhone 4S, according to an internal memo from Gannett newspaper division president Bob Dickey.

The independent Gannett Blog posted the memo Wednesday evening (from an iPhone no less). Writes Dickey:

In every local market, we have the most and the best journalists. These new tools will help our journalists meet the demands of the new news cycle, one that requires agility in real-time reporting, social media and greater emphasis on video storytelling, further increasing our competitive advantage.

Dickey also waxed poetic about the potential the iPhones and iPads have for journalists, saying the new devices will "enable them to do new things we can't even imagine yet." A note to Mr. Dickey: Give TiPb -- heck, any of the Mobile Nations sites -- a read. We'll show ya real quick what can (and has) been done for years.

The phones and tablets will reach newsrooms in January.

Source: Gannett Blog

Phil Nickinson

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