Yet Another "Leaked" Apple iTablet "Image"

Yet another iTablet image

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Yet another "leaked" Apple iTablet "image".

There's no way Steve Jobs lets the home button cut across the bezel like that, right?

Rene Ritchie

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  • That looks pretty real to me. I recognize that image upon the initial boot up of OS X...
  • Fake
  • Fake. Steve will never sell such product. It ruins their reputation.
  • Retarded.
  • Thats just an iPod Touch.
  • Obviously fake. Why even post this?
  • That's ugly. Has to be fake.
  • I like it. It doesn't actually look that fake when you think about it.. :P
  • If TiPB hasn't been contacted by Apple, demanding it be taken down, then I say fake!
  • yeah i vote that it's fake . . . no camera at the top either.
    its ugly too . . . . .
  • Chinese knock off. Do they have no shame?
  • This pic stinks as bad as my poop does early in the morning. Has even one of these so called "leaked" images turned out to be true??
  • Without even zooming in, I can tell there's a square around the button that looks totally 'shopped.
  • Hopefully this thing is fake. It looks as though it has a chrome back like an iPod Touch. I can't handle another scratch prone Apple device that I have to spend another $50 on a case for. I want it to be aluminum like the Macbooks an the first gen iPhone. That would be worth buying. But if it has a chrome back, i dont care if this thing had a terabyte of storage and Snow Leopard I still wouldn't buy it.
  • @Poop.... The only 'leaked' pics that i saw come true were the pics leaked by the guy from Digg on the new ipod nano. Everyone said that would be a fake but it turned out to be a true pic of the new nano before apple showed it on the keynote.
    PS: I think this pic is clearly a fake in my opinion
  • Home button within the bezel? Fake, dude, fake.
  • I can't wait till the real itablet comes out
  • very would it doesn't even have a drop date yet!!!
  • that looks just like an iPod Touch 1st gen... fake...
  • Obviously Apple wouldn't demand this picture be taken down. That would essentially confirm its veracity plus, Apple has better things to do than check a bunch of blogs everyday to see if any leaks are out. These things always make me wonder though, it boggles my mind that someone could have a great job at Apple and put that in jeopardy for some petty leaked photos, that's of course assuming that they are real.
  • Looks like they stretched a Itough wide in photoshop.
  • Fake
  • I don't even think he screen is square with the bezel...and the whole "welcome" thing...just no...
  • The suare around the home button is a dead give away. Totally FAKE!
  • Look at the screen placement. All off-center like that.
    It looks hideous.
    I think it's possible that the "home" button will be at the bottom, instead of the side. But it won't be placed like that.
  • In my opinion the problem is the lack of symmetry between the top area and the button area, which exists even on the iPod Touch, and it doesn't have anything there (besides the light sensor that could be somewhere else).
  • Why even post this crap? What a waste of our time. I can tell this is fake from the view on my phone.
    Stop compromising the credibility of a decent site with garbage like this. Seriously.
  • Everyone who posts that this is ugly please bookmark this page so you will be able to find your way back and eat crow after this product is released.
  • Fake
  • @icebike
    You seem to eat crow everyday. By my count you have eaten 3,568,759, 452 crows to date.
  • @Greg You do know that's the initial startup "intro" in Leopard, right? Everything else screams fake, but everyone who's started up a mac after a fresh install of Leopard has seen that clip, so you might not want to say that that's what looks fake to you.
  • Not even close.
  • @Ivoryplum
    Look at the screen placement. All off-center like that. It looks hideous.
    Oh, come on. Hideous? Are you serious. Because Apple might choose to use the available space wisely you pronounce it hideous?
    The back of the iPhone must REALLY turn your stomach!! The Horror! An unbalanced off center camera!!
  • Doesn't look too bad, doubt it's real though. Really hope it's not just an oversized iPhone though - if it can't run iTunes ; I'll be giving it a miss.
  • I refuse to even comment on this...
    :x D'oh!!
  • If you want the "iTablet" check out Axiotron, they are on board with Wozniak and have made it.
  • The quality of apple products have gone down hill like steves health , exploding iphones and ipod touches , melting 3gs and cracking white macs the list goes on . I hope apple improve the quality of thier products as the image they are getting is not good , hope now steves back he kicks the board in the ass to get apple back on track . As for the photo i dont know if its real or fake we will have to wait till september
  • That's soo ugly. I like the gizmodo itablet.
  • Hey I'm new to this site. So does anyone mind telling me wth I'm looking at lol.
    ...but I must admit it doe look a tad bit fake but real w/e the hell it is
  • Does*
  • No. Not The Real thing.
  • Look at the scale of the damn thing. If it was 13inch screen the flip'n Home button would be the size of your thumbnail. This is totally fake
  • Definately a fake, but one of the better ones... There is a full list of fakes here, and this one is quite possibly the most 'realistic' concept...?
  • Fake and ugly!!!
  • Turns out lots of leaked photos have turned out to be correct regardless of how bad they looked.
  • Hmmm, the link didn't come out very well. There should be an underscore between each word after the last slash.
  • Fake
  • If this is real I don't think it will be "wacom gray" especially since it is a tablet itself
  • Whoever made picture this didn't spend much time making it look believable.
    The screen isn't lined up with the border at all. It sits crooked, and the button is a poorly pasted overlay. Zoom in and look at the square around the button. A whole square of pixelated copy/paste of different resulitions.