LG says they can't make enough iPad screens, Apple may need to delay launches

Once again it looks like Apple might get some heat for something that it doesn't control -- namely the supply of iPad screens which LG now warns are constrained to the point international roll-outs might need to be delayed.

Given how much Apple does on their own, we sometimes forget they're still at the mercy of other companies -- even competing companies -- when it comes to components, like LG for screens, and Samsung for chips.

Apple delayed their second wave of iPad launches by a month last May, and has just entered several more countries this weekend, but high demand and low screen supply seems to be something they can't get passed. Even if they kick things into high gear, LG CEO Kwon Young-Soo warns, they won't be able to meet demand until 2011.

[Reuters via Engadget, thanks Doug!]

Rene Ritchie

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