LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S review [giveaway]

While at the most recent Show Stoppers event, I had the opportunity to check out the LifeProof case for iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4). Protection is always key for any of our beloved electronics, and whether you are a mountain biker, a swim lover, or a karate king trying to keep your iPhone protected while doing your favorite event is a struggle -- until you meet LifeProof. The folks at LifeProof have spent a lot of time (over two years) designing this case, and a whole lot of money (over two million dollars) into making sure that their product was the best to hit the market.

Whether in rain, snow, ice, dirt, sand, or any other horrid condition you can think of with your device the folks at LifeProof know that their case can protect your device without you needing to take any additional precautions. So, does the case really hold up to its name? Let's take a look at some video action and check out some more images of the case on the device.

Pretty impressive stuff, huh? Not just everyday would you trust a case enough to just toss it in a tank of water, or drop it from six feet onto the ground without cringing in fear of what damage was just done to the device. We know, you understand that it can keep the device protected, but you want to know how much bulk it adds to your device, and if it is comfortable in the hand, right? Well, short answer, yes -- and let's take a look at why.

LifeProof Case not on iPhone

Personally I always fear the super protective cases because I know you need to add bulk to protect, and often times companies love to go overboard with the bulk, and it makes holding the device feel unnatural, and it no longer comfortably fits in your hand and pocket, but this case is different, very different. Adding only 1/16 of an inch, or 1.5mm, and adding less than an ounce of weight, to say the case is surprisingly small would be an understatement.

Side buttons of LifeProof Case for iPhone

Featuring a two piece snap together design the case fits very snug over the device, making getting the case on and off a bit of a struggle, but that is their intentions for the waterproof seal that the case offers.  The top piece includes an attached scratch resistant and waterproof screen protector that still allows for complete operation of the touch screen, and with the waterproof seal around the edge of the case you don't have to worry about any dirt or dust getting under there.

Top of LifeProof Case for iPhone

The headphone jack is sealed by a screw in cap that can be removed and they include a headphone extension that screws in for those of us who wish to use their headphones will keeping the device protected. The charging port is covered by a flip down piece that seals very tightly. The cut out will allow chargers to be plugged in to the device without the removal of the case, and LifeProof also offers a dock extender that plugs into the charging port and allows the device to be docked with the case on.

Screw in Headphone Jack

Overall the case does an extremely good job at protecting the device while adding minimal bulk to the slim profile of your iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4). The look of the case is quite plain, but they do offer a few different color selections such as black, white, pink, and purple, and the color covers the complete device, including the front so you can make it appear as though you have a totally different color iPhone than you really do!


We are giving away our review unit; it was used slightly (don't worry it isn't the one in the test video!) and it is in near perfect condition. Simply leave a comment letting us know what kind of abuse you put your iPhone through that requires LifeProof to protect it.

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