LifeProof introduces a new portable wireless charging battery that's still waterproof

The company LifeProof makes excellent, durable, and usually waterproof cases for smartphones that have odd names like Frē and Nüüd. Of course what stands out more than the names is just how good these cases are at waterproofing your favorite phones. Well, now LifeProof has announced a new waterproof case that's also drop-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and... oh yeah... charges wirelessly. The LifeActív Power Pack 10 Qi Wireless is available on the LifeProof website for $99.99.

The Power Pack 10 uses a Qi-certified 10000mAh core with fast charging and Qi wireless. That much power is enough to charge your phones a few times over and should last you a couple days at least before you need to plug in again. It has smart circuitry built in that causes it to automatically stop when your device is fully topped off, so you can save the remaining power for later. When you do finally plug it in to fill the power back up, the rapid recharge will get you out and about in no time. One side also has a built-in LED you can use as a flashlight in the dark.

The charger can survive up to a depth of 6.6 feet underwater for one hour as long as the charge port is closed, and it will survive drops up to four feet.

This is an upgrade over the non-wireless version, the LifeActív Power Pack 10. If you don't need the wireless technology, or use a phone that doesn't have Qi wireless, you can get the wired power bank for just $79.99 at Adorama. If you need more juice, the LifeActív Power Pack 20 has twice the charging capacity at the same price as the 10000mAh wireless version above, $99.99. It's also not wireless, but you can stay powered up a lot longer.

See at LifeProof

John Levite

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