Logitech acquires wireless earbud maker Jaybird for $50 million

Logitech has announced{.nofollow} that it has agreed to acquire wireless audio accessory company Jaybird. Logitech says the deal for Jaybird comes in at $50 million in cash with the potential for $45 million more if the company meets growth targets going forward.

For its part, Logitech is positioning this acquisition as a way to give a boost to its audio offerings, specifically in the wireless audio market. In a blog post (opens in new tab), Logitech specifically praised Jaybird's work on wireless earbuds for those with active lifestyles, like the X2 Bluetooth headphones:

We see it all around us everyday – people love to listen to music everywhere and sometimes in places where listening out loud would just not work. Jaybird hit on a great idea of making products for people actively engaged in sports and who wanted music to power their passion for their sport. With the right product (and Jaybird makes them), you can now pursue your sport with your music. It's a potent combination.

As for Jaybird, Logitech says it will continue to "feed the Jaybird brand," so it sounds like future products will continue to carry the Jaybird name.

The deal is expected to close in the coming weeks, Logitech says.

  • I really wanted to like the X2s. I hope Logitech improves the sound quality. http://perezonomics.com/home/best-running-headphones-powerbeats2-vs-jayb...
  • I've actually been really impressed with their sound quality. Probably as good as my wired beats earbuds. Truth be told I have junk drawer full of various bluetooth buds. I just don't like the over-the-ear clips like on the powerbeats.
  • As good as beats? Never heard anyone say beats were good quality before lol. Weird. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The original post has link. The link pointed to an article that compared the X2s to beats. For a product that isn't good quality, they sure do a lot of business. Got the attention of Apple too. Strange.
  • I agree I like what the Tour 2's look like, I would like them to come out with wireless version to replace the Power Beats. Or when the PB 3's come out the wrap around being removable. Sent from the iMore App
  • If you change out the silicone ear pieces to the Comply T500 memory foam it greatly improves fit and sound. Basically, it turns your ear canal into a bass tube.
  • That's an opinion blog not a technical review. Beats are mediocre at best.
  • I hope they improve the materials they are made of, they cheap looking plastic but are very expensive. They are one of best sounding Bluetooth earbuds I have used yet. With the backing of Logitech, specially the UE end of the company they can do more with the brand. Sent from the iMore App